Day 32: Washington DC

Today was the last full day in DC. We ran a few workshops, starting at Fairmont Heights High School. They teach a class on computer repair and operating systems, and we did a intro to programming workshop with them. After the workshops at Fairmont Heights High School, we headed over to a middle school nearby … Continue reading Day 32: Washington DC

Day 31: Washington DC

Today was a busy workshop day. We did workshops at Westlake High School and North Point High School in Maryland. The workshops went really well–we had a few network issues for a bit, but overall the students made a lot of progress and we had some good discussions. We had dinner at a solid Ethiopian … Continue reading Day 31: Washington DC

Day 30: Washington DC

Today was a day in Washington DC. We visited a charter school called E L Haynes Public Charter School and got a chance to speak with a computer teacher there. Walked around Adams Morgan and got a huge slice of pizza. Lots of emailing, phone calls, phone calls, and meetings. Tacos in the area are … Continue reading Day 30: Washington DC