Where can I get a vaccine? A vaccine availability directory

I set up this website yesterday: https://wherecanigetavaccine.com/ It’s a link to various sites by state with vaccine location availability information, and general vaccine information by state. In researching this, I found most states really don’t give enough info for people to find how they can get a vaccine. There have been a few crowdsourced efforts, … Continue reading Where can I get a vaccine? A vaccine availability directory

Scrabble 2-Letter Word List/PDF

I was looking for an easy Scrabble 2-Letter word list/pdf to use. Here is the source from Merriam-Webster, but this is not very clean or easy to use: https://scrabble.merriam.com/2-letter-words Here is a cleaned up google sheet with the list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xaldUbKrGVcV2M_qjO-adTIZw7BrFUDmlEoLiUZfEEw/edit#gid=0 Here is a PDF file: Here is the image file: Also here is the InDesign … Continue reading Scrabble 2-Letter Word List/PDF

Site for Neighborhood Comparisons Across Cities

I put together a post a couple years ago trying to compare neighborhoods across cities: https://medium.com/jeremy-keeshin/neighborhood-comparisons-across-cities-200b7bb6f864 I’ve recently put together a simple website/tool that lets you actually go in and enter your own comparisons of neighborhoods between cities, and then aggregates the results. Try out the site here: http://neighborhood.thekeesh.com/ You can select which cities you want to … Continue reading Site for Neighborhood Comparisons Across Cities