My Top Three 5–10 Year Trends of 2017

1. Computer Science Education 2. Distributed Work 3. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain These are three of the trends I think will continue to really emerge in the next five years. They are already here — but mostly all on the fringes, even if they have received some attention. 1. Computer Science Education We’re all in on this one at CodeHS — the top … Continue reading My Top Three 5–10 Year Trends of 2017

Neighborhood Comparisons Across Cities

What’s the Mission of New York City? What is the Times Square of Chicago? The definitive answers to a definitely subjective question. UPDATE October 2018- built a tool here to allow people to add their own comparisons and aggregate them: I’ve had this conversation a handful of times, trying to determine what the equivalent of … Continue reading Neighborhood Comparisons Across Cities