Day 23: New Orleans

Today was a major workshop day in New Orleans. We started off with some workshops at Grace King High School. We did two workshops with students, first with the younger high school students and then with some older high schools students. After school we did a small workshop with some teachers and a vice principal … Continue reading Day 23: New Orleans

Day 22: New Orleans

Today was a fun day in New Orleans. I was with my cousin and some good friends, and we got to eat and see a few good spots in New Orleans. We started at Cafe du Monde, where we had some beignets and I had hot chocolate. We then continued to an oysters place… where … Continue reading Day 22: New Orleans

Day 20: Yazoo City, MS

Today was a workshop day in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Let me start off by saying Yazoo City is another world. I was luck to get the chance to visit Woolfolk Middle School, and run a workshop with almost forty students there. I got there early and started to install Google Chrome on all of the … Continue reading Day 20: Yazoo City, MS