Click — Book Notes

So I recently read the book Click – – and it was very ok. The high level concept in it is interesting, but you can get the idea of most of the book from this summary diagram at the end. So there is an interesting concept in here, but not that interesting of a … Continue reading Click — Book Notes

The Spy and The Traitor — Book Notes

The Spy and The Traitor — Book Notes I recently finished reading The Spy and the Traitor – – based on a recommendation from a friend. (spoilers here) What a great read. Really good book, well written, lots of suspense, and honestly, it was hard to believe it was non-fiction. It’s a gripping story … Continue reading The Spy and The Traitor — Book Notes

Back of the envelope reference numbers

Sometimes it’s helpful to know some reference numbers to estimate back of the envelope calculations. Here is a short list of some reference numbers. I also think knowing some of these numbers provides useful context for understanding political discussions. Metric Estimate Actual US Population 300m 330,068,304 World Population 8b 7,747,805,693 US Median Household Income $60k … Continue reading Back of the envelope reference numbers

Notes from Japan

Notes from Japan I spent about a week in Japan, which was the last stop on my trip. Right away you notice the trains. It’s a train culture. It seems to be one of the most effective train systems, both within Tokyo and intercity among other Japanese cities. I walked around and one of the first … Continue reading Notes from Japan