Covid test log

I recently tested positive for covid and tried to keep a detailed log of the tests, results, and symptoms I had so I could see if I learned anything from it. Here is the data. I mark day 0 as the first day of a positive test. When I say “Rapid” here I mean Antigen/at-home … Continue reading Covid test log

Notes from Japan

Notes from Japan I spent about a week in Japan, which was the last stop on my trip. Right away you notice the trains. It’s a train culture. It seems to be one of the most effective train systems, both within Tokyo and intercity among other Japanese cities. I walked around and one of the first … Continue reading Notes from Japan

A Now Page

Heard on a podcast interview with Derek Sivers the idea of a ‘now’ page, sharing a bit of what you are up to now, sort of a variant of the ‘about’ page. So I put a now page together on my blog at  What I wonder about for the currently 1942 people who are … Continue reading A Now Page

An Easier Way to Set Up Remote Git Repositories for Lightweight Deployment

In an earlier post, I wrote about how I do very, very lightweight deployment with git. I found myself doing this over and over again, so here is a little script that does it for you. Now getting your local code on your server is as easy as: server$ python repo.git /your/checkout/directory/ local$ git … Continue reading An Easier Way to Set Up Remote Git Repositories for Lightweight Deployment

Hackers with Opinions

There is this big thing on the internet these days where computer people write essays. And its weird because these people are supposed to be techie people, you know, they just code and talk about binary, not write essays. But a very large genre seems to be emerging on the web which is the sort … Continue reading Hackers with Opinions