Facebook Friends Ranking Bookmarklet Works Again

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  1. Hello!
    I’ve used the bookmarklet and it has provided a few laughs and smiles! Thank you for putting that together! But I’ve got a couple of questions; some of the people that show up in there are names I’ve never looked for or been on their profiles. Does that mean that they have been looking for me? Also, the top names are not the names I expected, so does facebook rank them not just in order of how much I am looking for them, but also how much they are looking for me?

  2. Please i’m from Brazil, is there any way to get one of these that give other results ? like another command line to get any information, just to joke with some friends of mine that use it against me all the time to force an visit on theirs page.

  3. Hi I was wondering if you knew anyway that I could check who has been viewing my facebook recently. Just got logged into from a different location and thought that person may have been scoping me out to get my password. thanks

  4. Does the facebook friends bookmark thing show who those who have visited your profile, or only those profiles you have visited? I ask because there are names on mine that I could swear I’ve never heard of and have no memory of ever seeing. Thank you in advance for your response

  5. It looks to me like rank is based on interest in either direction, which is unfortunate, since mutual interest is always the most interesting! ;=) If you want a site that allows you to see who has been viewing your profile, try Orkut…

  6. The bookmark used to work few weeks back but when I tried using it today, it didn’t work. I tried different browsers but still no luck. Can you please fix this if its broken ? Thank you

  7. this bookmarklet shows whom i’m visiting most or who is visiting me???? please tell me asap, i’m trying to find out if someone is interested in me….

    1. what is the difference between the two llinks below. they both show me different ratings…



  8. anyone notice the numbers are WILDLY different now. Before they would be something like -36.something, now the top hit is -0.99999999556128

    what does that mean?

  9. It’s showing 0.994949% and stuff for me also… I think the ranking is unaffected, but can’t quite tell for sure.. Another opinion would be great

  10. No, it doesn’t work anymore. My rankings are wildly different from day to day, and they’re often filled with people I’ve not only never looked at, but never even heard of. Pretty sure facebook is hip to this and doesn’t appreciate it. Seems dead, at this point.

    Still, it was a fun little tool while it lasted. Thanks, Keesh.

  11. Thanks, Jeremy! What a cool tool! But this is strange – my husband and I rarely communicate by FB or gmail, yet he is listed on top. What’s up with that?

    1. If you have a lot of photos on your FB profile in which he is tagged, that will skew your rankings… the same thing happened to me – my husband was on the top of the list, but I never go on his FB page or communicate with him via FB; I figured out it was because I had a lot of photos with him tagged (and our daughters) that I had uploaded to my FB page

  12. Why is it that one of my FB profiles will not my friend list in any order, and have zeros next to each one, but my other FB profile has all the info i.e. list of friends, and numbers next to each one of them ?

  13. i have some doubt like many people here. Top person on my list is understandably my crush. But the 2th-6th are all my relatives whom I hardly have any interactions with, never view their profile, never post or anything. As well they never have public fb interaction with me. So does this mean fb will always rank relatives or family first?

  14. Oh noooo, I will be number one on her list and she barely knows me. Noooooo. She will realize I am a stalker. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  15. Hey, the Bookmarklet I think is broke…or semi-broke. It is working for me on Firefox but not Chrome. Have not tried Safari.

  16. Hello,

    I’ve just discovered this today and, alas, it does not work, in either Chrome nor Firefox, as a Bookmarklet or actual Bookmark.

    Will you fix it soon?
    Thanks, Happy New Year.

    1. My link changed yesterday and is completely different in numbering and order. The last one made pretty much made sense. The new one has people I have never heard of near the top and my favorites scattered throughout. I really liked this JS. I used it daily and now it is not as fun. It only takes FB a bit shift in a register and everything changes. I certainly hope it can be fixed,I really liked the old one.

  17. Hiya, since a couple of week, it works very strange: the data seems inconsistent, numbers are very different from before and ranking is totally changed just in one day.
    What happened???

  18. I installed the script in firefox and ie and tested it on face book, but got two different lists. What’s up with that?

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