Day 13: Aspen CO

Today was a ski day. I got to ski aspen highlands. It was one of the last days of the ski season and the mountain was pretty quiet. I started off easy, did mostly blues, and ended with blacks. Had dinner at Little Annie’s restaurant in Aspen. Today was also a big emailing day. Many, many … Continue reading Day 13: Aspen CO

Day 9 – Phoenix

Today was a day in Phoenix, and I went to the Education Innovation Summit. I had a chance to speak to a crowd of attendees and investors about CodeHS, as well as meet a number of other companies and people involved in education technology. We got some good pictures of Karel the Dog with some … Continue reading Day 9 – Phoenix

Day 7 – Las Vegas

Went to a day pool party, then took some photos along the strip. Met up with a friend of a friend and went to the Zappos yearly picnic–quite an extravaganza. From there I went to go see Jerry Seinfeld perform before playing a bit of Sigma Derby, an old school mechanical horse-racing betting game with … Continue reading Day 7 – Las Vegas

Day 4: LA

I started today off by working in a coffeeshop called Intelligentsia in Venice Beach. My computer died there, and they also had blocked off all of the outlets, so I needed to go somewhere else. A guy a met who was working next to me (he was a writer) recommended that I drive up the 1 … Continue reading Day 4: LA