Day 3: LA

Today I was in LA. I started off the day by doing a workshop at Compton High School. We had about 40 students at the workshop, and it went really well! I got all of the students started with Karel, and I think everyone was surprised by how much they enjoyed it. Even the teacher gave … Continue reading Day 3: LA

Day 2: LA

Today was a day in LA. I started by visiting the Snapchat offices, and then headed over to El Segundo, CA to do a workshop at El Segundo High School with the programming club. It was the first workshop of the trip, so I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go–but it went … Continue reading Day 2: LA

Day 1: SF -> LA

Today is day 1 of the road trip. I’ll be sharing some fun details along the way here on my blog, as well as some photos on, but mainly, you should follow Karel at and @KarelTheDog on twitter for the latest updates. Karel and I will be travelling around the country, seeing the … Continue reading Day 1: SF -> LA