Look over there! It’s Balloon Boy

3 thoughts on “Look over there! It’s Balloon Boy”

  1. In world history a couple weeks ago we were talking about the meta-reality of something in ancient civilization. He asked us what meta means and none of us got it right. He said that meta means overarching. I thought it meant something reflected within itself, but he said no. Interesting post…but I dont know if I fully understand meta

  2. For someone who loves Malcom Gladwell, seemingly more than a hooker loves slightly insecure men with money (fat kid loves cake just seemed a little too cliché,) you seem to be putting a lot of faith into a long and thoughtful deliberation. Do you think that maybe long and thoughtful deliberation is what causes the belief? When we go back and forth in our heads making arguments for both sides, we can easily start to fabricate “truths” about something completely false.

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