Day 45: Boston, MA

Big day in Boston. Got an early start, and drove to Marshfield High School for a workshop. The workshop went really well, and this group of students had gotten really far with CodeHS. I then drove to the airport to pick up my mom, who is joining me for a few days on the trip. … Continue reading Day 45: Boston, MA

Day 44: Boston, MA

Today was a workshop day in the Boston area. I got to visit Beaver Country Day School ( ), and ran two workshops with students and teachers. We had over fifty students and teachers get started learning how to program today between the two workshops, and the feedback was really positive. I had another … Continue reading Day 44: Boston, MA

Day 43: Boston, MA

I drove from Cambridge to Boston, and went to the Quincy Market. Saw some fun street performers, and also got a good juggling video right outside of there. The only other real notable thing from today was that I got a lot of good work done on the website. Continue reading Day 43: Boston, MA

Day 42: Boston, MA

Today, I was in Cambridge at Harvard. I woke up and we had breakfast/brunch at a place nearby. Then we spent a while just walking around Harvard and I took some photos as well. After a short nap, I walked a bit more around the downtown area, and then later went to a party at … Continue reading Day 42: Boston, MA

Day 39: New York, NY

Today I woke up and had a meeting in Manhattan, then put all my stuff in queens, before heading out to Times Square. I had another meeting with a school at Democracy Prep later in the day, and then worked most of the day out of a Starbucks in Chelsea. Got to grab dinner at … Continue reading Day 39: New York, NY

Day 38: New York, NY

Today I was in the New York area for the day. Went in to an education meeting in the morning, and then headed backt to grab a sandwich and head over to North Star Academy in Newak, NJ. What a great school. Had dinner at an italian place, then came back. It took me over … Continue reading Day 38: New York, NY