Day 55: Chicago, IL

Today was the last full day at home, and I ran a workshop with a group of homeschool students in Spring Grove, IL with my little brother. We had students of all ages, from about seven up to eighteen years old. There were a number of parents there as well, and we ran the workshop … Continue reading Day 55: Chicago, IL

Day 54: Chicago, IL

Today was maybe the most tiring day of the trip, but a really good day. I had a workshop at Elk Grove High School. I met with some people at the school, then ran a workshop with some computer science students, and then did back to back presentations speaking to an auditorium of students at … Continue reading Day 54: Chicago, IL

Day 53: Chicago, IL

Today I ran a workshop at Mather High School in Chicago. Also checked out the Bean at Millenium park to hit up the landmarks. Deerfield High School graduation was also today, so I got to see my little brother graduate and we had a post-graduation dinner afterwards. Continue reading Day 53: Chicago, IL

Day 52: Chicago, IL

I sent a lot of emails today, but also did a bunch of other stuff. I saw a few friends in Deerfield and also up in the city. My sister just got back in town from Spain. It was a busy day with the family, and also with CodeHS. There are a number of workshops … Continue reading Day 52: Chicago, IL

Day 48: Guildhall, VT

We started off today by running a workshop at St. Johnsbury Academy in the area. I ran the workshop with an AP Computer Science class, and it went really well. We did a few more Vermont things, including walking around by the Connecticut River, seeing the barn, the chickens, and feeding the donkeys. We visited … Continue reading Day 48: Guildhall, VT