Type Shift Code

Heres a quick code idea that I came up with a while back. I call it a type shift code. Basically imagine that you type as normal on a keyboard, but you shift your hands over one key on the home row. If you do this and type, everything will look like complete nonsense, but … Continue reading Type Shift Code

Commercial Comedy

This is another one of those things on the internet that has gotten popular in the last year. It’s big brands trying to be funny like they are your friend. And it has become a really popular marketing strategy. It’s not being funny in a ‘let’s make funny commercials’ kind of way, although to me … Continue reading Commercial Comedy

Hackers with Opinions

There is this big thing on the internet these days where computer people write essays. And its weird because these people are supposed to be techie people, you know, they just code and talk about binary, not write essays. But a very large genre seems to be emerging on the web which is the sort … Continue reading Hackers with Opinions

Most Mutual Friends

I always thought it would be interesting to find out who I had the most mutual friends with on Facebook, but it would have been a lot of clicking to find that out. So here is a little tool that lists your friends according to most mutual friends. The results are actually quite surprising. Most … Continue reading Most Mutual Friends

Social Norms on the Web

This is my final research paper about social norms on the web. It’s a good time. It’s kind of long, but here are the highlights: You need investment from the user, either through a genuine offline to online identity, or a strong tie to the community focus. We want the same things online that we … Continue reading Social Norms on the Web