Open Standards

This was inspired by this article from the New York Times sent to me by my dad, which led me to this post on the Google blog. This article talks about how Google and everyone else should embrace open standards on the internet. I completely agree with this philosophy (either because I think its a … Continue reading Open Standards

What is the probability you get this question right, given you know Bayes’ rule?

So to rephrases the question: P(question right | you know Bayes’ rule) = … by Bayes’ Rule P ( you know Bayes’ rule | question right ) P ( question right ) / P ( you know Bayes’ rule) That’s kind of confusing. What struck me was how interesting it is how our intuitions about … Continue reading What is the probability you get this question right, given you know Bayes’ rule?

Technology Literacy

I recently watched a very interesting video that Google made about what people think a browser is. The general sense you get from the video is that people generally have no idea. See the video here: (Don’t worry its short enough to watch) I also read a really interesting post by my friend Feross (read … Continue reading Technology Literacy

What’s Next For the Web?

This is I think a very interesting question. With the emergence of countless startups and big changes from majors players — Google Wave, Facebook Connect — an important questions seems to be how these new technologies will impact web use. I read an interesting article ( here ) about how Facebook should “adopt” Google Wave. … Continue reading What’s Next For the Web?

“Facebook Labs”

Facebook has just opened up a new section of the site called Facebook Prototypes, which is kind of like Google Labs for Facebook. I read about this on Mashable here. Then I went to test it out, and it almost lived up to its name as “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” I’d probably still … Continue reading “Facebook Labs”