Who Does Facebook Think You Are Searching For?

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  1. Wow very nice work…embarrassed to see that i am stalking my old college friend for such a long time any ways nice work

  2. I’m not certain, but in my list, it looks like some of the ranked names are friends of my friends who were looking at my page, as opposed to me looking at them.

  3. FYI


      1. Facebook Settings > Account Settings > Security > Secure Browsing

        Uncheck the “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” box.

        Click on “Save Changes”

    1. so the 1st name on the list is the top friend i am stalking? did i get that right?… how will i know who’s stalking at me?

  4. Nice find! If you can work out how they come up with these numbers, that would be amazing.

    Things that seem very likely to me:
    – The list is based on quite recent interactions
    – It seems to matter a lot more if you visit someone’s profile than if you just reply to something on your newsfeed
    – Facebook doesn’t care if you’ve blocked someone from your newsfeed (in fact, this seems to help: Andy isn’t on my newsfeed because he spams like crazy, I go to his profile once in a while to see what he’s been up to, Facebook see that I like going to his profile)

    What I’d like to know:
    – Does mucking around with photos etc matter?
    – Does the ‘friendship’ page matter?
    – Does my rating of someone effect their rating of me?

      1. What kind of tokens are these? Because as far as I saw, FB only generates nick names and names for relatives (like Mommy etc.). Plus I have some friends with “German” names like Jan and they won’t even come up with male nick names (Jan is male!).

    1. I’m guilty of photo gazing on people that I don’t interact with on FB that much and yes, they’re HIGH on the list

    2. I’m guessing that how often you visit their profile is high cause the list is mainly used to index how likely you are going to want to visit a friend’s page.

  5. Did not work, I have https enabled by default, so Chromium blocked the insecure request. Enabling the loading of insecure content I still got errors:

    XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://www.facebook.com/ajax/typeahead/search/first_degree.php?__a=1&filter%5B0%5D=user&lazy=0&viewer=number_censored&token=v7&stale_ok=0. Origin https://www.facebook.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
    edges.js:39Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘payload’ of null

    1. That’s cause if you have https turned on, facebook with block the http-request. The request for the first_degree.php is done over http, and is thus blocked by facebook.

        1. recently a have deactivated my fb acount and after few days activated acount again.And results of ranking my friends were drasticly changed..How is that possible if i didn`t have any activities?

          1. I deactivated my Facebook account over 2 months ago – went back on for 10 minutes to check something (I also checked this bookmarklet), and the friend rankings were significantly different from when I left. They went from -17 to -0.003, but the names are all messed up. Do you think that others searching for me could affect it?

  6. Brilliant! How about the other way round, who are looking at our profile, like many spams use the trick to spread their virus…??

    1. I have no proof, but I thought that others have said (maybe even FB) in stories about those scams, that that info is not kept, or at least not available at the browser end at all.

  7. Nice Bookmarklet. But you should mention that it works only if you switch secure browsing (https) off at your facebook account security-page.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for discovering this Facebook stalking measurement tool. I wonder if it will stay there.

    And you, despite being referred to on Mashable, have no comment here. Will you be deleting me too?

  9. Would it be possible to get this data for users through their API (for use in app development?)

    Or is it already possible and I’m missing something?


  10. Didn’t work for
    Safari 5.1 (6534.50)
    Opera 11.01
    Firefox 4.01

    Worked for
    Chrome 13.0.782.112

    All on Mac OSX 10.6.8

    And thanx, interesting info

  11. It seems to be very heavily weight towards recent as well as recurrent look-ups; people who sprung up on my newsfeed this morning whose profiles I checked out for the first time in years are in the top ten.

  12. I have 2 duplicate (it looks like) lists. Problem is, a lot of these people are not even on my friends list nor have I ever looked at their profiles nor do I even know who they are. It must be 2 sided. People who are also looking at my profile. Just an FYI

    1. I agree, it seems to somehow blend some of my recent lookups with searches by complete strangers I never “touched” on FB.

  13. You could make this work in https on by changing the requested url on runtime. Instead of doing $.ajax({url: “http://www.facebook.com/ajax/typeahead/search/first_degree.php”}), you could use window.location.protocol in place of the “http:”, so just call $.ajax({url: window.location.protocol+”//www.facebook.com/ajax/typeahead/search/first_degree.php”})

  14. Interesting to see that the list contains both people that are not my Facebook friends (and that I haven’t searched for etc).

    Recency gives high ratings as a friend I connected with only yesterday is high in the list although that is my only interaction with her (haven’t seen a status or even looked at her profile yet).

    Nice work!

  15. This has to be 2-sided. People I never heard of and never visited their profile are showing up in my list. A little more investigation shows them as friends of friends or in some cases co-workers.

  16. NICE! Of course, I have very few friends on Facebook (<100), so the top of my list is the usual suspects. The bottom of the list has a whole bunch of people I don't know…

  17. This is very interesting, and I’d love to know how they calculate this. Great find!

    There was a random person that appeared quite high up (at #50 with a score of ~0.12), so that I had never heard of – I checked her page and we had 10 mutual friends. I’m wondering if this is maybe a result of her recently checking my page (perhaps I was recently one of her ‘suggested friends’), or because other friends have recently added her, as I know there are plenty of other people with more mutual friends that weren’t anywhere near as high up in the list.

  18. There is definitely something going on with the names with the numbers above 1.0

    Id like to think that Facebook wouldnt actually have a “who is visiting your profile” anywhere near client side given all the scams. My guess is this has to do maybe with people they think you might want to be connected with?

    But just looking at my list there is a clear demarcation between >1.0 and <1.0 for the index.

  19. It seems to be ranking people that you recently interacted with much higher, so either the dataset is limited to recent activity, or it is time-weighted somehow.

  20. This is great, though to get it to work I used Firebug. I opened the console, then the command line and executed basically your code:

    var script=document.createElement(‘script’);

    And it worked like a charm.
    Very nice hack!

  21. The list doesn’t make a lot of sense. The top few are correct, but after that it doesn’t make much sense. The order is all wrong

  22. Think about it dude. “Graph” API. Edges. Nodes/vertices. A discrete mathematician’s or computer scientist’s wet dream, to fiddle with these things and play god and architect how people interact online. Of COURSE they measure all of this shit… they run the servers. They serve the pages. They write the scripts. They maintain the databases. They can do pretty much whatever they want save for reaching out and touching you.

  23. Bit more insight, someone who I know reasonably well in real life but have no mutual friends and I am sure that I have never looked for (didn’t even know full name) appears near the bottom (top? highest number) on the list. So others searching you must have quite an effect.

  24. Can you please post the source of the javascript file from your blog that it runs? I’m not running unknown scripts on facebook.

  25. I don’t think it is showing other people that have looked at you. The people at the top of my list have all participated in conversations with friends I have interacted with recently. This list is friends, and friends of friends and also friends adding new people to their lists. There is a particular person high on my list that a lot of my friends know and they have been adding him, because it appears as “friend has added” regularly on my news feed this is why they are high.

  26. Works very well with Windows XP Home. Firefox 6.0.

    Order and content of the list makes intuitive sense. A friend-of-a-friend, whose music I like, whose page I just looked at, is at the top. Friends I have not looked at for a long time are at the bottom. Fascinating.

  27. How can I restore the settings?
    This turned out to messup my FF, Chrome and even Safari. I cannot access to FB anymore. All I get is an incomplete initial page loading screen with all the layout dispersed.

    Help anyone?

    Mac OSX 10.6.7

  28. Boo, does this not work anymore? I tried the bookmarklet and pasting the javascript into a new tab and…nothing.

  29. I doubt the accuracy as there are people in there whom i hardly see on FB even! The 4th person on my list i have commented on once and he is not even really active, or in any case i cannot remember the last update he had on FB. Whereas my boyfriend is number 3 only….i am tagged in pics with him, emailed with him, commented on his status and we both wrote on mutual friends’ walls… how can it be that he ranks only one place higher then this guy i have been in touch with on fb perhaps once??

    1. It puts this person so hi because FB knows you secretly love him and will eventually marry him. Tell your bf sorry but FB knows what’s best for continuation of the species.

  30. I have also figured out some Facebook hacks.. I have complied code to allow you to inject a song into your status update ON YOUR MAIN PAGE… No stupid App pages… I can also inject flash games into status’s as well as “shout boxes” which in turn can connect to a blog for twice the hits…..
    Proof on my blog…

    Nice find though J

  31. I disabled the https on my facebook… i dragged and dropped it onto my Firefox toolbar…. still didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  32. Jeremy: this is brilliant – thanks for sharing it.

    Here’s my question: if I switch to my business page profile and run the script, it also gives me a list of people. But my fan page doesn’t “stalk” people in any way — so how do you think Facebook is ranking that list? Does it give you any more insight on what they might be measuring?

  33. Sad to say I must not be stalking anyone. My list is pretty benign, although it totally missed the search I did a couple of weeks ago for an old girlfriend, who I found, and who I found out is married with kids, so I moved on…

    What are the chances that this web page is collecting the info we get back? This appears to run a .JS file on their server. 🙂 Just sayin’

  34. Pretty nice app! I am surprised at the rankings though… Some people I regularly check out on FB from the iPhone app do not show up high my rankings, which is what I would’ve expected… This makes me believe that this is truly a client side app only. Guess if you don’t want your GF or BF to know who you’re stalking, use the iPhone app to stalk…

  35. Instead of including the whole jquery library with the script, you should add code that links to the google hosted jquery library inside of your bookmarklet. That way both the only the actual script is loaded and your server isn’t under such a heavy load. Or for that matter just host the whole thing on google.

  36. O site da Globo.com no brasil acha que o aplicativo consegue ver quem esta atras de vc ..porem ..o APLICATIVO DIZ QUEM VC MAIS VISITA!

    THIS tool only shows the PPL u are looking for …or stalking to , ..it was interesting if showed the ppl that are stalking into u !

  37. Interesting script – thanks for sharing.

    I’m interested as to why Facebook assign a NEGATIVE number here. For example a friend of mine ranks highly in my list, but I am not stalking her by any means. She has a business page and I visit daily to see what new things she’s posted; 9 times out of 10 I will “like” her post (and quite possibly comment). I’m sure people with business pages get this a lot (I know I do with my own page).

    In terms of her ‘impressions’ and ‘engagement’ this is good for her but the negative score appears to paint me in a bad light. It won’t, however, stop me from visiting her page and supporting her business 🙂

  38. this is the script. Just copy it and paste.

    javascript:(function(){var script=document.createElement(‘script’);script.type=’text/javascript’;script.src=’http://thekeesh.com/js/edges.js’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘body’)[0].appendChild(script);}())

  39. Interesting. The people who’s profiles I view most are on top, that was expected.
    However, there are some people pretty high on that list that I never once looked at the profile. I share one group with them and live in the same city (like about 2 million other people)
    That kind of makes me wonder, how this data is gathered. Is it just based on MY search, or do they also take other’s searches into account?
    For example, when I type “A” I get a list of a person I’m not friends with but looked at their profile recently. Let’s say I look at their profile every day, will I eventually move up on their list as well?
    Because there are really some people on my list that I can’t explain how they got up so far.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if that list wasn’t solely based on my own search/activity with one person. I also noticed that the list seems to update pretty fast, meaning if you don’t interact with a person for a short while, they drop down fast.

  40. High Negative Numbers = People you stalk
    Low Negative Numbers = Frequent visits
    Zero = “People You May Know” + Rare Visits
    Low Positive = ???

    This is what I’ve encountered. This is also why some people have no mutual friend people on the list. They are the people which are “People You May Know.” Since the app does not differentiate between zeroes, “People You May Know” may even take precedence over real friends.

  41. Didn’t worked for me, I’ve tried it with chrome and safari. I click the bookmark and nothing happens. What I’m I doing wrong??

  42. This is crazy! My top result is a guy I used to date and cyberstalked like crazy a couple of months ago. But I haven’t checked his profile at all recently and we don’t have many interactions. The latest cyberstalk victim (god I sound crazy) isn’t anywhere near the top of the list but really should be as facebook continuously suggests random friends of his to me hinting that they know of my misdemeanors.

    The list is very interesting but I can’t quite work out what it means.

  43. How does facebook generate these numbers!??!

    Some numbers stay the same.. do they ever go down? I mean i haven’t checked this one person’s facebook in months yet they’re still in the same position and people’s facebooks i check at least once a day hasn’t moved… X]

  44. First time I checked this app was about four weeks ago, and the list seemed to include people who has seen my profile. I have checked it out very often to try to understand how it works and thought I had figured it out (ok, sounds crazy;)) but today when I tried it, it included a girl who I wasn’t friend with when she was ALIVE for two month’s ago! How the f* is that possible??

  45. I made a dummy account and repetitively searched my main account. When I run the bookmark on my main account, the dummy account does not show up. When I run the bookmark on my dummy account, it shows that I had been searching my main account only. Oddly enough someone has tried to add my dummy account as a friend. That person does not show up on my dummy account list. So, my guess is that the list indicates people you have searched, and does not reflect people that are searching for you.

  46. this numbers are useless until someone figures out what they really ARE.
    I think that they could be the affinity parameter in the edgerank, so the measure how much inbound traffic one has on his own profile.
    they must refer to inbound data.
    I have on the list some people I never interacted and some that don’t even are my friends!

    any thoughts?

  47. ok, i saw my rank list, and after 3days it is still like before, nothing was changed.
    will it be “updated” after some daya, weeks??

  48. Does the ranking system take into account other variables? ie. higher ranking if you declared you are in a relationship with a certain person on facebook regardless on the frequency of visiting his or her facebook?

  49. Something very eerie is happening on FB, and it has something to do with this index list you are saying. FB seems to be reverse tracking the list recently, which means people who you searched most, will find you on top of their search list when they look for your name, even without you being their friend. Ha! Try to think of someone that will most likely search for you, but is not your FB friend, and you’ll know what I mean. Yep. FB finally rats us all out.

  50. Interesting, but I’m dying for further explanation as to how these are ranked. I’m happy to see that my best friend is on the top of the list, although I wouldn’t say we both have a huge amount of FB interaction between us, and I don’t view her profile nearly as much as others I “stalk.” The person I feel I interact with the most (mostly leaving comments on status updates and likewise) is only number 8. My number 3 person I work with, but we interact on FB far less than the number 8 person. Going down the list of non-friends, I recognized some but others I have no idea who the hell they are. Number 25 is someone I’m not friends with, although we share mutual friends. Only recall viewing her profile once.

  51. Note – you must be on the Facebook page when you click on the bookmark. It will do nothing if you remain on this page.

  52. So mine is strange! I tend to not look at people’s profiles, nor do I interact with anyone on Facebook. However– my rankings does include a log of everyone I have interacted with since I started using Facebook. It also has the names of people I have blocked recently.

    The weird part is about my rankings, is that my rankings change on a daily basis. It’s still always the same 15 people I notice, but the numbers change and the people move up and down on my list. Does this mean that this also considers who is looking at your profile as well?

  53. Thanks for the code!

    This seemed to work for a while, and provided results consistent with the interaction ratio with other users. That means, messages, likes, viewing their profile and photos, etc.

    For the last couple of weeks it seems to provide somewhat dated results. For instance, there is this person that I used to visit their profile a lot but haven’t done so for about a month. No likes, no msgs, nothing. Their ratio fell from -78 to -58 and have stuck there for weeks.

    In the meantime, several persons I interact a lot, in several ways, haven’t increased theire ratio.

    Does anybody know, every how many days the Facebook server cache is updated? Because it seems to show the same values for days. Also, what happens with cookies? It sometimes shows DIFFERENT values if I reset the cookies on my PC.

    Thanks for any answers and comments.

  54. Its not working anymore… But there must be some wayout to make it work again.. I hope some genius will find it soon…

  55. One thing I’ve noticed: People that have their names private (you can’t search for them) do not appear on this ranked list, even if you have a link to their profile and you constantly visit it (i.e. though a bookmark).

  56. First off, I am fascinated by this subject and your script you have posted is incredible.

    That being said, it was working for me a week ago. Then I deleted the link from my bookmarks.

    Now, when I drag and drop the link into my bookmarks toolbar, as I did before, clicking the link simply brings me back to this page. Any way to fix this?

  57. Ok I dragged and dropped first the image, and then link because the image didn’t work. I opened a new window, signed into facebook, clicked my “Facebook Friends” bookmark. I have secure browsing turned off in my facebook security settings (“Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” is UNchecked) I tried with all my add-ons disabled. I tried in Chrome and Internet Explorer. All that happens when I click the bookmark is it brings me back to this page. What am I doing wrong?

  58. Please let me know how to use it? I am exactly following the same issue that is after adding the book martk It just takes me back here.

  59. I put in my bookmarks bar, turned off secure browsing (https) and all that happens when I click on it while at FB is it drives me back to this post…

  60. It did not work on Chrome for me…. i have turned off http on fb but every time i click on the bookmark it just brings me back to this page…..

  61. When I tried this it just sent me back to this website rather than showing me the list – even when I clicked the bookmarklet whilst on facebook. Help?

  62. I know that I’m just repeating the last few comments, but I also couldn’t get this to work on the latest version of Firefox. Maybe Facebook fixed the loophole.

  63. Same problem. What is going on? I just tried it on firefox and internet explorer with https off and it just brings me back to this page!!!!

  64. Possibly a new year thing why it stopped working?
    Judging by the comments, since 2012 everyone has just been taken back to this page. Same happened to me- really annoying coz i read all the other comments about how awesome it is.
    Would like to see if it comes back!!

    The world must be coming to an end.

  65. The file first_degree.php is not being loaded any more. Instead they seem to be using one called bootstrap.php. It seems to contain similar information, but with entries ordered in an array it seems?

    Could be fun to reverse engineer this file and make the script work again.

    1. The data is all still there, they just use the userid instead of the name. Makes it harder to look through, but it’s still there.

  66. If I click on the bookmark it just takes me back to this page (while in FB, with secure connection off). As far as I can see that is all the bookmark is – a link to this page.

  67. @Chompy, @tiny00: Its all about the link of the bookmark. This was once the correct javascript, but is now just this pages URL with a “#” added. I dont know why, but if the described effect occurs, the bookmark is perfectly working.

  68. So, it seems like the script doesn’t run because it can’t read /’/ as an apostrophe. Fix that in the code and it runs 🙂

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed too, every time I click it, it doesn’t appear anymore on my screen. I wonder what happened? Is there anyway to contact the person who created the list and ask them about it?

  69. yep, seems like it’s been changed significantly enough that the bookmark script doesn’t work now.

  70. Hello Website owner. I seriously enjoy the particular posting and the site all in all! That posting is actually quite clearly written as well as simply understandable.

  71. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your article seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The design look great though! Hope you get the problem resolved soon. Thanks

    1. hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy honey……………………………………………..:its a good idea yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  72. It’s been working fine for me. 🙂 I stumlbed on this about 6 months. I check every so often and every time it has worked and the numbers are still changing so it is updating too.

  73. The script works (I checked today, I had saved it as book mark a few months ago), I think the problem is with the bookmark posted on the site.

    1. It’s not working for me. Even though I had saved it in my bookmark bar months ago too! Does anyone know why it might not be working? Does anyone have any idea who was the person who made this list?

  74. Try making your own bookmark and set it’s location [URL] to this:


    Have fun. 🙂

  75. Hi all. Facebook changed the filename that it used to store this info which broke the bookmarklet. I’ve updated it now, and so it should work again.

  76. Hey, I tried both, the script that gaylor posted:
    javascript:(function(){var script=document.createElement(‘script’);script.type=’text/javascript’;script.src=’http://thekeesh.com/js/edges.js’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘body’)[0].appendChild(script);}())
    and the new one released on february 14th. They both show more or less the same ranking, but there are some major differences. E.g. there is a person I don’t know who moved from -12 to -21. Is there an explaination for this?

  77. So… I stalked some people before, and I don’t want them to appear anymore when I type in the search box on facebook. I know I can block them, but I just wanna clear the list of people I searched before… Is there anyway I can do that?

  78. Facebook want you their website for long periods, the more active the user, the more they are likely to look at ads and so generate more revenue.

    Getting you to spend more time on the site is achieved by:
    1) Getting to interact more with your friends on the site, so wall posts, tagging, commenting etc
    2) ‘Stalking’ other people. No one likes to admit it, but you can spend a great deal of time going through friends lists and suggested friends and seeing whose out there,

    So the search list has to strike a balance between showing you the friends you interact with most and people who aren’t your friends but who you may know or may have mutual friends with, or even people who share a similar profile to you (location, interests etc).

    It is HIGHLY unlikely the search reflects people who have searched for you, you can prove this by making up a dummy profile and searching for yourself many times – like one of the previous posters did.

    Anyway, I plotted my results (very geeky I know..) and got a exponential type relationship – can’t be bothered to upload the graph but it was similar in shape to this:


  79. there has got to be a reciprocal factor here, no? there are lots of people i view that are not on this list, and they are likely NOT viewing me…then there are some people who are very high on my list, that i rarely interact with or view or haven’t viewed in ages….i’d love to know the ranking for how they determine who shows up on your chat list and why they choose which ones get bumped and which don’t when they are off line….get working on it! ;-X thx.

  80. Worked… but a bit of a flawed modelling system I think. Some people I added recently were very high for example. And people whose pages I never look at because they comment on my stuff – perhaps I like their comments… FB could do better… When it started you could set your preferences for who you saw more news from but not anymore.

  81. It really work, the number 1 its a person that I used to like and its a very weird because i didnt see her profile many times, or even to speak with her, but when i was really into her, I saw a few of times her profile, like when i was really emocional… so its a quite stange, but in the same way very right..
    thats for the work..
    love and peace

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  83. I’m just thinking if you post this on FB maybe FB would change the way they do things and this wont work any longer. I would rather not chance that.

    anyway… I have been trying to figure out how this works.. …so my 6 favorite friends usually change numbers every few days alternating the top 3 with a random boy I stalked about 5 months ago in slot number 4 ( which hasn’t changed in months- even w/o going on his FB at all) slots 5,6,7 are the other favorites. Slot 8 yet another boy I was crushing on a few months ago but haven’t gone in weeks. So today I friended a brand new friend around 5pm, never knew he existed before today but browsed all his pictures … and now at 11pm he shows up at slot 38. Not a huge rating but the fact that it was the same day made me curious . I always figured there was a delay in the readings … today showed me it was only a few hours delay.

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  85. Facebook has just started changing up the friends displayed every time I click on my profile. In just the last couple days, I have noticed this. The line-up literally changes quite dramatically every time (not just re-arrangement of same people), so I guess whatever secret algorithm they were employing before got thrown out the window perhaps. It seems truly random now as far as I can tell. The script still works but I am not sure what it means (I really wasn’t completely sure even before when I used it). It does seem to possibly correlate to some degree with one’s own stalking/viewing tendencies although it doesn’t seem to match perfectly or well in many cases.

  86. You’ve given me such a thrill, monitoring my ex’s frequency with visiting my facebook page hahaha…

    Today, however, the marklet’s not working. I reinstalled it, restarted my computer and I’m running it on Safari. Any ideas?

  87. i thinks its 2 ways

    my ex’s is right at the top but i never go to his page, but the number goes up and down
    his new girl popped up yesterday in number 2 position, under him pardon pun, and i’ve NEVA gone to her page

    ps. yeh doesnt work for me now either,

  88. I keep trying to refresh it–it has seemed stuck for the last few days. Finally started messing around in Firebug while logged into my facebook account–within a few minutes of that it would no longer work on my facebook account, but when I logged in as my son, the bookmarklet worked fine on his account.

  89. It still does not work for me, I’ve disabled the secure browsing, enabled all javascript, and when i click on the bookmarklet nothing happens at all. I’ve tried safari and firefox both latest versions. I am using a Macbook Pro… I think facebook must have changed something.

  90. Had this a long time. Found it very interesting indeed. However I too noticed stop working. I am not on timeline, reluctant to so.

      1. This will sound repetitive: it’s not working for me eighter. I am using Firefox, but I am assuming Facebook changed something again. I hope it’s fixed soon!

  91. Stopped working a couple of days ago, about when they changed the larger friends box on timeline to 8 friends instead of 6.

  92. so this is interesting, it works in my dummy account, but not in my regular one which i’ve been checking the bookmark frequently. also, in the dummy account, if secure browsing is disabled, it works only when on the account settings page. If secure browsing is enabled, it does work when on other pages. i wonder why it would work in one account and not the other? i am using the same browser/bookmark.

  93. Scrpit dont work’s getting console error:

    payload is null
    friends = friends.payload.entries;

    there is file called buddy_list with all id of friends but data returnes is not sowuing up
    i want to modify headers

  94. this link worked perfectly fine until a few days ago, there are no response when clicked and FB is recently acting really weird :/

  95. This is a very curious topic. Yesterday, Will Richardson (website by the same name) spoke to the staff of my high school about the changes taking place on the internet, and he references a book called “The Filter Bubble,” which in turn referenced your website. (At least this is how I think I found you, some 12 hours after the fact.)

    I want to educate my Public Policy Seniors more concerning some of the new insights gained through the above three resources (including yours), but I can not get the Facebook Friends Rankings to work on my laptop. I altered my security settings on facebook and rebooted to be sure they took effect, and I can not get the java script to work.

    Any new suggestions? I have tried using both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

  96. I don’t understand why, if Google demands so much thought and scrutiny why bother, its not worth the effort just for some unimportant socializing and gossiping. I was signed on to Facebook and Twitter and the thought of finding out they could and would use my information without being upfront about it made me unsubscribed to both. Funny, the media keeps trying to find ways to apologize for their constant misuse and less than ethical behavior. The rules on underhanded behavior for the rest of us is far more limited, in fact its usually black and white.

  97. This does not work for me. I have updated java, tried the link, the image and the updated link in both firefox and chrome, unchecked secure mode and everything, but when I click it, nothing happens… Any ideas?

  98. I am awfully confused. The top person is someone whose Facebook I avoid looking at … and my name is second on the list??? The rest is mostly family and friends… but the #1 person I have only once viewed their profile when he added me a while back.

  99. Hello there! I just found out about this great tool and i think its awsome and very useful! If the first person on the “Facebook Friends” list is 102 and the second person is 33, how would you grade (like ../10) the first Facebook relation compare to the second one?
    Thx and God bless

  100. So the link didn’t work for one week March 21-28. But it’s back and I am a happy girl 🙂 The names and numbers are all basically the same ( within a plus or minus 10 ). I’m trying to figure out if this only who I stalk or visa versa too. The number one spot was an old crush but haven’t gone on his page in several weeks) and his number has gone from 110- 115 in the last three days. But I know the numbers have been updated since then because a few new friends I just added and visited are now on there. Its like a puzzle and I’m dying to figure it out.

  101. Glad to see it is working again. I have been watching this frequently for several months now and here are some observations:

    1) Sometimes it seems to update frequently (within hours) and sometimes, despite much facebook activity, it stays the same for several days at a time.

    2) Profile views only seem to have a lot of weight into a high ranking. If you frequently search someone, they will appear high on the list. When you stop, it takes a couple of months, but slowly their number will decline.

    3) I have a dummy account in which I searched my own profile repeatedly before I ever looked at the dummy account. After a week or two of this my dummy account’s name still did not appear on my own list. However, after I viewed my dummy account once or twice from my main account, my dummy account suddenly appeared at a relatively high number. My thoughts are that ONE view of the dummy account placed the dummy account high on my radar since the dummy has been viewing me frequently. I think it takes into account mutual views, but that one initial view made it ‘mutual’.

    4) I do think that other’s views of your profile are taken into account. There is a person on my list that has always remained high even though I have not viewed their profile in several months, but I used to view frequently. In fact, the number has slightly increased (only from 15.11 to 16.05) in the past few weeks and I have not viewed their profile at all. Other people whom I know I used to view frequently keep decreasing in their number over time. My hunch is that the one person who’s numbers are staying the same and even slightly increasing is viewing my profile.

    5) There seem to be 2 lists that are very different. It usually is the same list, but from time to time here and there it gives me a completely different list (that doesn’t make as much sense in regards to my interaction with them), but it returns to the main list shortly thereafter. Just sporadically there is another list. It seems like the list is from the past- maybe relevant to my views a few months ago- or perhaps it is the list of people viewing you. For example, that person that is high on my list and their numbers never go down is at the very bottom of this second list when it does appear.

    1. 6. Besides just a couple of views on one day to my dummy account, I never view my dummy account from my regular account. However, my dummy account views my regular account frequently. My dummy account does not decline in number over time on my list, it stays the same, while other accounts I stop viewing go down in number.

      1. Thank you sooo much Danica… it seems you are as intrigued by this as I am. I should try this dummy account thing. I bet it will give me some answers too. Thanks again 😀

      2. I have been testing this for a while. started using this bookmarklet about 3 weeks ago. after 3 weeks, the order on the top of my list mostly stays the same, but the person at the top (whom I stopped interacting and viewing profile ever since I use this) goes from -83 to -105, and we didn’t have much mutual interaction before that. the second one, whom I have some mutual interaction (wall posts, likes, messages, etc) with, goes from -35 to -50. everybody else’s score is much lower than these 2. I don’t really understand how there is such a difference in these results. Can someone explain?

  102. Hey, what do you mean by search?
    lets say if you put a letter, lets say a in the search bar and that person appears, is it the same as searching that person?

    And thank you for your insight.

  103. It works! But I don’t really understand all of the results. I rarely go on other peoples walls. But, my ex is top of the list – understandable, i deleted him from friends list 3 months ago and will admit to looking at his page a couple of times since then. However, whats really interesting is the people at the bottom who I have not viewed at all, they are not friends, a couple of names seem familiar as they have commented on a friends status that I might have also commented on, but it would appear that in some part these results are based on interactions from both sides.

  104. I came across this on one of the boards they were discussing this very bookmarklet, it seems to be another way to view ‘first degree’:
    (you can replace ***userid*** with your user ID).
    (credit to kmavm and danger here:http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2897740)

    1) It seems to include people you’ve had message conversations with even if they’re not friends on Facebook. Mine includes my mum, (ranked second for people I want to search, somewhere in the sevens) whom I love dearly but don’t have on Facebook as a friend (we spam each other with links via messages instead, as I don’t want all my snoopy relatives who are her friends to add me, she’s cool with that heh). We have no mutual friends, and I don’t use friend finder. Even if she did, the email address I use for FB is not one she has in her contacts. I can’t think of any other way to explain that. I don’t even search her page, since I can’t see it – I just message her.

    2) Most of them are people I know I search for, so I’m not surprised by the majority that rank highly. Even among these some rank more highly than I would expect based on how much they’ve been active on Facebook recently.

    3) Interestingly, around the 5s and 4s some people come up with bigger numbers than I would have expected based on our interactions. I am certain I haven’t searched for their names for months (nor did I search more than a couple of times even in the past), and they come up much more highly ranked than people I’ve been spending more time talking to on Facebook of late, or others that I added around the same time and interacted with roughly as much. As an example, my friend admitted her flatmate was checking out my profile (we’re friends on Facebook, so I didn’t feel that was problematic), and though I never really interact with them, they did come up in my first degree higher up than I’d expect for someone with relatively few mutual friends who I barely interact with.

    4) Around the 2s and 3s it’s not really surprising. Interestingly, at the really low numbers, people I’ve not friended can come up higher than those I actually have (and interact with really infrequently)… It’s all quite amusing, actually, whatever algorithms Facebook are using. Also interesting: I come up on my own first degree list quite high up. I guess because I use Facebook more to update my own page than stalk others :S

    5) Tokens CAN be name-specific. Maybe they’re based on nicknames that same user has entered into their information, but I’ve noticed tokens you couldn’t just guess. However it does come up with general (including incorrect) ones as well. For example, a friend called Tina has tokens such as ‘Chrissy’ even though her name is definitely not a contraction of Christine (or Christopher…WTF facebook, she’s a woman!), or an Ellie coming up as Elaine, things like that.

    6) I was worried that if you could just enter a profile number, someone might be able to use it to look at profiles that were not their own. Just to be sure, I had a look, and it seems you have to be logged in and accessing *your* ID for your profile, the external profile numbers. Makes perfect sense, but still a sense of relief…

  105. So, how does this compare to the friends list on your facebook profile page? anyone notice any relation?

    1. The friends in my six at the top of my timeline all fall pretty high in the rankings. But my top eight are a little more random for some reason.

  106. I think it’s interesting: I checked my indices and some of the people who come up on the side a lot don’t actually rank all that highly, surprisingly! I would have figured they might tally. I don’t search for these people much (read: never), but they still rank higher than I expect (say, around -5 as opposed to -2, compared to people I interact with similarly), and even if I haven’t interacted with them recently they come up on the side…

    I do find my mum ranks highly on my index even though I don’t search her (or go to her page), I just message her (to avoid snooping relatives on her page, lol), and of course she comes up on the side recommended as someone ‘you might know’.

    I think it automatically ranks ‘relatives’ on Facebookmore highly even if you don’t interact with them particularly often as that is the case with one of my sister’s friends I have listed as a ‘sister’ on facebook. That surprised me, but on balance it shouldn’t have.

    I expected all the high numbers because they are people I know I interact with a lot, but things got confusing around the 5s and 4s. There are many people I share a similar level of socialising on Facebook with, and I couldn’t quite fathom why some come up really low, and others really high (taking into account me liking their stuff and vice versa being roughly equal, knowing them roughly as long on facebook, etc). I generally don’t go to people’s facebook pages or search them unless we’re really close, so I doubt it was much I was doing. Of course, it could be my bias- if I don’t see them as close I might not remember interacting as much as I really do, but I doubt it’s the case entirely.

    I also noted that at the lower end of the index spectrum, sometimes even people I am not facebook friends with (and don’t ever search) come up more highly than actual friends I interact with infrequently…

    @Riss: That’s odd. For me, there are some people who I expect to always be there (we go to each other’s pages a lot, no secret LOL), and If I go to someone’s page they show up for a while, or if they like my stuff etc… but then they then some people always seem to reappear sooner or later back onto the list, even if we don’t interact much on Facebook.

  107. Update: It’s been a few weeks that my dummy acct has viewed my real account. The dummy account’s numbers have not changed when viewed from my real account. Last night I went into my dummy account and viewed my own account, refreshing several times, and looking through some recently posted photos. Tonight, my dummy account’s numbers (which I’ve only looked at maybe 3 times in the past several months, and not recently) have jumped up to third place on my list! I really think it’s because it viewed me and looked through photos. I didn’t look at it.

    1. dummy account was #11 before dummy looked at my profile/pictures last night, and is now #3. moved from -15 to -22. something is going on here :-0

      1. Okay, here is a question I’ve been meaning to ask: what happens when you have refused to view a person’s profile/click anything in anyway remotely related to that said person’s profile…..& gradually that person’s ranking (on your keesh list) comes down from -180 to -1 over the course of a couple of months. What if I finally ‘give in’ right now & click on that person’s profile picture/or profile at least once? Will the number, say for example, jump from -1 to -24? Because judging from yours (as well as many of the comments from others) it sounds like this is a mutual viewing/mutual-stalker list…& that the numbers change/increase very little when you stalk, but DRASTICALLY increase not because you were stalking but because the person was stalking you as well! Correct me, if you guys think I’m wrong….

        1. I don’t know what will happen! 🙂 I just know that my dummy’s numbers jumped way up for me after a long time of nothing happening. The only thing that happened different is she viewed me the night before. Could totally be a coincidence but I find this timing interesting….

          You said that “the numbers change very little when you stalk”….. i’m not sure about that. When my dummy stalked me my numbers keep climbing up for her, way up.

          1. facebook has changed the numbers
            bootstrap now references a file from 30-3-12 instead of 23-3-12
            it happened on the 11th, so people youve stalked/stalked you within the time change, whether before or after or inclusive who knows, will have revised numbers.
            facebook is watching this page 😉

          2. “You said that “the numbers change very little when you stalk”….. i’m not sure about that. When my dummy stalked me my numbers keep climbing up for her, way up.”

            Yes, but I do think it increases even more when the person stalks your profile in return!

            On a side-note: considering the fact that @jeremy keeshin created this list…I’m left wondering if he knows anything about the secrets of the list. I would love to see his insights! 😀

    2. Danica, thanks for your great analysis! Maybe for purity of experiment you should completely avoid visiting your dummy account for at least a month – a month and a half, then numbers are supposed to go down (they do for my high numbers once I stop visit them). Then if you log in to your dummy account to check your own page, and the numbers go up, you are really up to something!

      1. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I last viewed my dummy account from my regular account maybe about 6 weeks ago. Dummy was -6 after the first time I viewed and then -15 after the second view. I have not viewed dummy since then and numbers have stayed at -15. Dummy account had purposefully viewed real account frequently (every day) until maybe 2 wks.ago. (I’m -102 on dummy’s list). The other night dummy looked at several pictures on profile of real account, refreshing profile several times, clicking on things, etc. The next day, in real account the dummy’s numbers went up to third place, jumping to -22. Number increase is definitely not from interaction, as there has been none ever, (likes, comments, etc.) or from my views of dummy from real account, since there hasn’t been any increase of that. rather there has been a decline. In comparison, other people I’ve only viewed 2-3X ever with no interaction are WAY farther down list. Dummy is up there with my top friends…people I’ve been FB friends with forever and mutually interact frequently.

  108. Okay, I’ve been viewing my own account through the dummy account for a week. At the beginning of the week, my dummy account and real account viewed each other mutually and equally. The dummy account appeared on my list on my real account at a pretty high place. Then I only viewed my real account from my dummy account (in other words, I didn’t view my dummy account anymore). By the end of the week, which is today, the dummy account dropped lower on my list? I got opposite results from Danica?

  109. Hiiiiii!!! OMG!!! Finally I found a serious website!!! I have firefox and I dragged the image and I bookmarked that part which says ‘FB friends’. I get a list…does anyone understand those numbers???

    Thanks in advance!!! I’ll be extremely thankful if you explain how this works to me!!! ♥♥♥♥

  110. “Yes, but I do think it increases even more when the person stalks your profile in return! ”

    very possible! i wonder the same thing. i just wonder how numbers can creep up when you are not interacting with them or even viewing them if this is supposedly client side only. now that i’ve seen dummy’s numbers creep up and i’ve avoided interaction with her, i am becoming convinced there is a mutual component.

    that day another friend’s numbers increased by -12 as well. I never look at her profile either and she rarely posts anything. However, the night before, I had posted some photos to my profile. Instead of commenting/liking, this friend texted me to tell me i looked fabulous in them. So I know she was looking.

    1. I have been viewing the lists from both my real account and dummy account. I found when I view my real account from my dummy account frequently and regularly, the dummy account does not show up high on the list in my real account. Apparently, I’m not getting the same results that some of you are getting. I wonder why…..Only when I look at my dummy account through my real account will the dummy account’s number in my real account actually increase.

      1. “Only when I look at my dummy account through my real account will the dummy account’s number in my real account actually increase.”

        –How about looking at your real account through your dummy account? What happens to your numbers on your dummy’s account?

        1. The numbers for my real account sky rockets in my dummy account. So in other words, if I look at myself through the dummy account, my real account increase in rank in my dummy by a lot! But when I view myself through the dummy, the number never changes…even now. I mean I have had the dummy for awhile, and I would view myself from it whenever I get a chance. So therefore at least in my case, I feel like that it is probably, at least, Mainly, One sided. Sorry for replying so late, ha.

  111. my own experience:

    1. i made friends with some vlog celeb years ago while he hadn’t quite made his name as big as now and were still accepting stranger requests. Now he has over 4000 something friends and I believe he couldn’t possibly add more;

    2. After I found the this blog and the bookmark, i purposely started stalking him by refreshing his page multiple times a day and watching his videos for like a week (i hadn’t really stalked him before), just to see if he’ll show up on the top-left little six-friend box, and, if he’ll show up on my secretive stalking list, knowing there is no fb interaction between us whatsoever, and no chance he knows my existence, just because there are so many fans posting on his wall every day;

    3. I do stalk two other friends of mine and I’m 100% sure that in the name of my entire stalking history, the number of times i’ve been on the two ppl’s profiles absofuckinglutely out-numbered the celeb’s in the past week.

    3. one week later, the celeb showed up on the top six-friends box. And not only that, he’s been #1 on my list since then with a score way above the 2nd and 3rd, who are the two i stalk most in history. Even though I’ve stopped viewing him now, he’s still there being #1. It’s been a week already…

    4. Did I mention that there is literally no chance of him noticing me? btw, he hasn’t switched to Timeline yet.

    5. The scores of the two ppl stayed flat for quite a while, with one going up slightly a bit.

    So i guess the conclusion i can draw so far is i don’t know if it’s a mutual interaction based algorithm.

  112. kazza on April 12, 2012 at 10:35 am said:

    facebook has changed the numbers
    bootstrap now references a file from 30-3-12 instead of 23-3-12
    it happened on the 11th, so people youve stalked/stalked you within the time change, whether before or after or inclusive who knows, will have revised numbers.
    facebook is watching this page 😉

    Kazza, can you explain this more? The 11th is when my list updated drastically. So basically the numbers we see now are reflective of activity as of March 30 and there is a 2 week delay in updating? Or are you teasing us?

    1. not sure how it works….but up until the numbers changed there was a reference in the bootstrap in red of 23-03-2012….when the numbers changed and yeh drastically, the reference changed to 30-03-2012.

      but the numbers for me were consistant for a lot longer than a week, ie they were the same before the 23 and after the 30 (up to the 11th) so i dont know if facebook update the reference date every week (as per the ref dates) or if its at longer/shorter or a random time frame generation….

      all i know is that if who you stalk/stalk you is stored somewhere by facebook, they may be accessing this information and changing the way the search function interacts…..

      i’ll keep track of the bootstrap for a little while….till i get bored…and check to see if it happens again.

      1. sorry just to add…..

        there maybe a delay in updating the info, this time round it appears to be 2 weeks.

        but since the numbers had stayed the same for me for so long, i can’t say if it’s always a 2 week delay…it may be shorter or longer or random.

        or it may just happen once every 6 months and we hit it.

        1. thank you, and i agree, it seems like things will stay the same for weeks for the most part (with a couple of minor changes) and then suddenly it updates everyone. on the 11th most of my numbers dropped drastically, some up to 20 points.

          i think what could be happening: there is such a long delay in updating the numbers to real time, that it is hard to remember who you’ve viewed/when…it takes so long to update that it’s hard to track what time frame the changes are based on. In other words, I could have viewed my dummy 4 weeks ago. No change in the numbers of my dummy account since then so I assume the one view just did not affect the numbers. I make dummy view me. Next day dummy’s numbers increase on my end. I hypothesize it could be from my dummy viewing me. However, maybe it’s from the one time I viewed dummy 4 weeks ago….

          1. yikes…OK. i just checked the list again and again it had not changed. then i logged out of secure browsing (which i usually do) and the list has updated again, reflecting only the things that have happened over the past few days.

          2. note: i just logged out of fb and back in, and realized that if i don’t click the bookmark while on my PROFILE page AND in disabled secure browsing, it reverts to the list from the 11th, not the new one I just spoke of.

          3. Okay, I just checked this out on my profile too. But my dummy account dropped on my list, by quite a bit actually, even though I have been viewing myself consistently through the dummy account, several times a day, for past 4-5 days or so. The list only changes/increases when I view my dummy account by my real account, not the other way around.

          4. In my case, the numbers also stayed flat for weeks, perhaps 2-3 weeks, and then around the 11th everyone dropped and re-shuffled. Maybe it is indeed one-side but with updating at very irregular intervals. At least the person I wanted to drop, who was the highest, finally dropped to number 5, as I stopped visiting his page at all for at least 5-6 weeks.

  113. Okay, so this is apparently kind of random and unpredictable? Wow, this thing to so hard to figure out! ha

  114. This is weird… There was this cousin of mine whom I stalk occasionally and her ranking points goes from 2+ to 5+. However, on the next day I used the script, her name is completely gone! What in the world had happened!

  115. Ok I got quite a surprise when I checked my account, there were quite a few people who I don’t know at all and have never clicked on their profiles and they were ranked quite highly on my list. Kazza, (or anyone else here), how did that happen?

  116. Im finding that by taking screen shots of my lists this is helping me keep track. So yesterday my list updated 3 times and today 2 times so far. What is really freaking and odd is that my latest list (3pm today) is the exact same at yesterday’s 6pm list. But I got different readings at 12 midnight yet another different one at 7 am. Some numbers don’t move at all. Of the 30 or so in the screen shot the most activity is in the top 12. But it was really crazy that the numbers went both up and down and then back exactly where they were 3 lists ago. And I don’t know about your lists but mine all have 9-12 digits. Thats too much to be a coincidence.

  117. Very very intersting post. I’ve been working on it for past two days and found interesting figures as you’ve mentioned “index”
    It is quite randomized. Have checked js files also which showed hidden time stamps which are no more visible on facebook posts.
    What’s strange is that where did it save my imported contacts from other email that i deleted, the one it showed i’ve deleted those imported contacts, but still it is showing me suggestions from them and the index was also high. Does it also give suggestions to the other person who it thinks i’m stalking to.

  118. I think there is definitely a delay in the updates and it is kinda weird how it changes unpredictably throughout different times of the day. But I think what we want to know is whether the list is two sided; if other people can see if you were looking at them. So far, I can’t prove it is two sided with my dummy account….

  119. i have a fake account too which i created not a long time ago. When i view my real account throu the fake one for several days in a row, the score of my real account didn’t change much on the list.However when i view the fake account via the real one, even for just once, the score of my real account would shoot rocket high, at least double the original. After I stopped viewing the fake one, the score went back to to a low range. This happened multiple times already. but the fake account had never showed up on my real account list (i guess it’s because the fake one hasn’t been there very long).

    So from this point of view, yeah, it seams two-sided.

    One other observation is Firefox seems to reflect a more up-to-date list than Chrome. Not sure if this is the case for everyone else here.

  120. I agree it’s being updated at very long and random intervals so it’s hard to track. I keep screen shots, too. It updated on the 11th, and then on the 14th again. My dummy looked at my account one time on the 14th, after the new list, so I am waiting to see what happens. So far neither account has updated. I won’t look at my own profile again until I see an update in the numbers.

  121. do the ranking change based on which computer you’re using? Or is it an aggregate of all the data collected regardless of which computer you are using? I use to different computers and it seems as though the ranking are different.

  122. About 2 weeks ago the person on #1 has index -501. Today, there is another person on #1 with index -13… So great change…

  123. I’ve been thinking of how facebook figures out these search lists. Not sure if you’ve already know this but one thing I’ve noticed is that if you and a person have attended the same event lately they tend to come up quite high. And if that person and you also recently have gotten a mutual friend (i.e. you are invited to a event by a friend who “finds this friend” at this event) they completely skyrocket. I’ve encountered some pretty freaky matches this way.

  124. I was a bit intrigued with results. My ex appeared no 1 on search but I looked at his page since January. The only interactions we ever had on facebook were messages in October. He hasn’t been a ‘friend’ since January either, although we do have 1 mutual friend who is ranked 2nd on the list, and I do visit his page regularly. I decided to block the ex, so he can’t see me, and I can’t see him. He then didn’t show up on list. I then unblocked him 2 days later and he had dropped from -75 to -37!
    I am guessing he had been looking at me, then when he was blocked, wasn’t able to do so anymore, so the list reflects that.
    My dummy account increased slightly, after searching me from it, but there are also loads of people on my list who I am not friends with and haven’t searched or seen their facebook profile. Some names appear familiar, friends of friends, I can only presume that maybe they have commented on the same posts from the mututal friend?
    Very interesting stuff and has kept me amused.

  125. I’ve been keeping screenshots of my list for a couple weeks, and my list seems to update itself every couple hours… it’s always changing, except for a few people at the top of my list who seem to stay the same. For the most part, when my list updates itself, it definitely accurately reflects my “stalking victims” of the day. This leads me to believe that the list really is only one sided. Especially since I made a dummy account that I make sure to NEVER view with my real account, and I “creep” my real profile multiple times a day (for a couple weeks now), and it has never shown up on my real profile’s list. I have yet to view my dummy account, because I want to give it another week or so to see if it shows up, but when I do I’m pretty sure that THAT is when my dummy account will show on the list, proving that it is indeed only one-sided. I’ll update with my findings. 🙂
    P.s. I’m waaay too fascinated by this.

  126. numbers were wildly different today for some reason. more accurate probably, but now they are -.99999 or something instead of the -36.9 something there were before.

  127. Wow, it seems like the numbers haven’t updated at all. They keep switching between two lists. Wonder what’s going on.

  128. My list updated today… seems like it’s now a mix of people you’ve looked at recently and people who have looked at you recently now…

  129. Yep… I noticed the same thing. The last change other than the switching back and forth between two was 4.16. Is that what you have as well ??

  130. Mine changed like 2 days ago….and the list is very different. They’ve clearly changed the criteria. My highest person now is only -13, and most people are -.9 (decimal) something with the numbers very close together. Relatives are all near the top, about 25 of them clumped together. I have tons of cousins listed as my relatives on fb- however, most we never interact and they’ve never made the list but this time they all made the list near the top regardless.

    Serious guys— I’m done trying to figure this thing out. It doesn’t make any sense anymore.

    1. I confirm, the numbers have turned very small, -0.smth, 0.9smth being the highest for me. I don’t have any family members among ‘friends’ nor do I visit their profiles. I haven’t been visiting people’s pages recently really, so the top people look right on the sum of various interactions with me (likes, comments, messages, chat, random photo look ups in the news feed…)

      1. The happy thing is that the guy I wanted to ‘get rid of’ now dropped to 9th position! Yes, I visited his page too much, so he was all over my FB page to the point of making me sick (1st pic in the ‘friends to chat with’ quadrant, 1st name to pop up when typing a letter of his initials, the name to come up in email alerts like ‘AA (friends with XX) also commented on…’ even if I had dozens of other mutual friends with AA) … It took about 8 weeks of ‘ignorance’. So I am sure this list is one way 🙂

    2. yes i’ve found the same – all the relatives are now top of the list even though I never visit their pages. The next person down is my ex whose page I haven’t visited since January! And he isn’t a friend anymore. We have one mutual friend who is next to him whose page I have visited. Next are work colleagues, however, some of these people I have a lot of interactions with, although no page visits, but they don’t appear on the list. There are still names on the list that I don’t know, which makes me still think this is 2 sided. All the codes have changed too e.g ex used to be top at -75. now is – 0.64 the highest code is my cousin at -0.95

  131. Mine actually still has really high numbers like in the -90’s. And a friend of mine who I used to interact with a lot (and was always really high in ranking), but have not talked to this person for the past 3 weeks has actually increased in his number from -92 to -99…?? My dummy account has dropped even I’ve been consistently viewing myself through the dummy. This thing doesn’t make any sense. So yeah, there I’m done too haha

  132. I’ve noticed that the numbers don’t make any sense anymore too. But have realized that if you click on the the friends tab on the right hand side under the profile picture, then start to type the initial of a friend into the “search by name field” then the results you get are more true to what my previous list used to say. Is there any way you could make a bookmarlet for the “search by friend” field results???

  133. I thought I was the only one who started getting a list with numbers in the range of 0.xxxxx……it’s sooo strange :-/

    The list has clearly changed & I’m trying to figure out why :-/

  134. it is possible that the algorythm was two sided but they might have changed it when they spotted this website with this javascript and realised people might figure it out and confirm it. It would be totally against theirs privacy policy so they probably changed it. Atleast thats what i would have done.

  135. weird thing… i have two laptops and my lists are different on both of them… i don’t get it.

    1. Yeah I had the same issue too…One might be an older list (as in maybe two days old or even two weeks old) and the other might be a newer list.

    2. Yeah that happens to me too. Basically one is a more recent list than the other one (& when I mean recent, I mean it could range from anything between 2 days old to two-weeks old). You have to figure out for yourself, which one is the more recent list.

  136. I’m a little confused at this point…and I would really appreciate some feedback on my comment/findings: My cousin’s account was blocked for a couple of weeks. When I helped her re-open her account & opened my account one day later, her name appeared on the list with a ranking higher than usual. I asked her if she had viewed my account anytime during the weeks before her account had closed & she said no. I then asked her if she had viewed my account the previous night after I had helped her re-open it & she again replied no. So I’m now left wondering how accurate this list actually is because I don’t & never used to visit her account all that much. So it makes no sense why her name would suddenly appear in the ton-ten on my list.

    1. Short answer – I don’t know.

      Long answer – I’m not sure anyone knows the criteria required for appearing on list, regardless of how high they are on it.
      Perhaps it has remembered you interacted with your cousin before? Maybe because her account is active again it’s ranking her high for some reason to make sure you add/notice her? Existing friends/family members/interests/locations in common?

      I know that when I activated my account after it being closed for a while, that some people who appeared high on my list apparently had no other link to me other than my email address being in their email address book or my phone number being on their phone.

      Ah, and one thing that *seemed* to have influenced the rankings is when I view the profile of a friend and then click on their friends list – I think that then caused my friend to appear ranked higher after the next update. But maybe that’s just confirmation bias at play.
      So although I’m not convinced that it’s possible to know how this works for sure – unless Facebook come out and explain it – it remains a nice puzzle to think through once in a while.

    2. Is she listed as a family member? My top 4 are all family whose pages I rarely, if ever, visit, and after that it´s the people I interact with the most.

    3. probably because she’s your family… i find that my family members show up at the top of my list.

  137. Can someone please explain the numbers system to me?
    The friend on the top with -50.04839 is the friend that i look at her page the most or she looks at mine? cause I don’t look that much at her page but i’m sure she looks at mine (she keeps leaving comments and likes stuff).
    Also I deleted the person that was on the top of that list with the insane number of -798.39838…. something like that…
    Now, few days later, she’s not on the list at all but her friends/family are (i have never seen their names before, i just looked up their names and saw she’s friends with them…).
    Would love someone to help me figure it out.

    1. KJ- There are speculations but no one knows for certain. Some people say it’s a combination of both who you stalk and who stalks you back. It’s like a puzzle, you need to track the numbers and figure out if it’s you viewing that makes numbers go up. I will say that my numbers have not moved at all in over two weeks… and I am a heavy creeper i mean user.. LOL. there are times when it doesn’t up date for weeks and times when it will update/change a couple times a day. Good luck with your own search and feel free to post your updates and what you discover. i love hearing others observations.

  138. Gidget – I did look at her page a lot and we both mutually commented/ like a lot of stuff on the wall. but after finding out she’s actually seeing someone i moved her to the acquaintance list… she kept showing on the top 6 friends and on the 7/8 spot on the top 8 friends all the time even when i stopped looking at her page for weeks… i thought she was supposed to be gone from the top friends… then the algorithm has changed and the top 8 is on rotation now… and of course i deleted her from my friends list… but that -759… something is a strange number…. plus a lot of the people on the first half of the page are her friends and some of them i have never even seen on her wall (i can’t see her friends and no one can see mine)…
    That’s my story… would love to hear your thoughts (everyone’s…)

  139. This is very interesting! As I’m on my phone right now, I can’t try it right away but I will tinker with this as soon as I get home and have access to my laptop.
    Has anyone thought of us just friending each other on the dummy accounts and then tracking how we interact and how that plays into the number? It may yield more complete results if we have an actual network of people on the friend list and eliminates a lot of unknown factors that may come into play when analyzing your real profile only in comparison to the dummy profile.

  140. The top 3 or 4 people I totally expected based on my interaction with them, some of the others…not so much. My ex, ex boyfriend ranks 14th on the list even though I am 100% sure that I have never once searched for him since deleting him from my friends list in November of 2010…so why would FB think that I’d have ANY interest in him? Also, towards the bottom of the list I found people who I have never been friends with, nor have I ever been to their profile before. I had a mutual friend or two with most of them but nothing more than that and some didn’t even have any mutual friends with me.
    I also created a dummy account tonight. I am curious to see how that will play into the rankings.

  141. today is the first day in nearly a month that any of my numbers have changed and I look at FB several times a day and visit a lot of others walls as well as post and comment on others. The strange thing is I would say I am as consistent now as I was the last 7 months. My numbers are crazy… all the top 20 numbers before ranged from -92. to -.21… now the same 20 are -3. to -0.5. I don’t know why the drastic change.

    KJ- These top twenty are all friends that I visit regularly and who I would expect may look on mine. I have people further down on my list that have never been a friend but I admit have have stalked once or twice ( ex boyfriends- new girl friend) ONly 2 of my 8 friends that show on my wall are in my top 20 so sure where that comes from.

    1. I haven’t viewed my crush’s profile (I used to majorly stalk his profile at one time) for the past one year. Explain to me why is his number still showing way higher than the people I actually interact with everyday (liking, commenting, viewing profile, etc, etc)? His ranking suddenly becomes low & then suddenly increases every now & then (in spite of me having not viewed, clicked or stalked his profile or any part of it for the past one year). If it truly is one sided, then what my keesh list shows makes no logical sense :-/
      & I also forgot to mention: I’ve been asking my cousin to stalk my profile everyday. & guess what, her ranking has increased! I haven’t opened her profile or touched it for a REALLY long time. So if it truly is one-sided, how come her ranking was high, reduced & then increased again in the past one week?!

      1. do you hover your mouse over his status updates/photos on your newsfeed? i’m pretty sure facebook tracks that too, so maybe that has something to with it…

          1. unfortunately not kidding! i think they’re doing this because a lot people just use the news feed/ticker instead of clicking on people’s profiles now, so it would make sense.

          2. i’ve been tracking my keesh list and top 6/8 and friends pages for a few months now.

      2. Hi Sarah00 – the answer is obvious – the results are two-sided….everybody has their own anecdotal explanation as to why they came to this conclusion. This is mine – I have a few fb friends from a country that uses different script than our roman letters. the list i get is sprinkled with names on fb that I can’t even read. sometimes I look into it out of idle curiosity and see that the are maybe a friend of a friend of a friend -know what I mean? another reason i truly believe that the list is reflecting people who access your fb, even if you have nothing to do with them is i get a bunch of names on my list that are relatives of a guy with whom I have absolutely no online relationship. in other words, his relatives are checking me out. there would be absolutely no way for fb to conclude i would want to stalk these people. just for your fyi.

        1. That’s interesting…..The relatives of the guy with whom you have no online relationship with, are those relatives on your friend’s list by any chance? & even if they are, have you at any point opened their profile (before their names started to appear on your fb keesh list)?

          Yeah, I’m convinced it’s two-sided too because, recently I had clicked on a picture in which my crush had been tagged in (I didn’t know he was tagged in it until I opened it). Mind you it has been 6 months since I opened his profile, or liked or commented on any of his status-updates, photos, or wall posts. But just because I viewed one photo he had been tagged in, his ranking has increased by 155 points! That is just way too points to increase by just because I viewed JUST ONE photo he had been tagged in. The only reasonable explanation is that he might have stalking my profile.

          Another example is a close-friend of my crush. His ranking has increased by 250 points. Yeah I did view his album, but that was weeks ago, & I did like his cover photo & commented on one of his profile pics but these are online activities that took place weeks ago (almost a month ago in fact). For his ranking to increase by 250 points, for such small interactions, is just wayyyy too much in my opinion.

          & the strange thing is, I have many friends (on my friend’s list) whose friend’s list consist of more than 1000 friends (I have only 250 friends). This guy (my crush’s close friend) is one among them. The catch is that people who have more than thousand friends, might not get your updates on their newsfeeds because their newsfeeds would be FILLED with the updates from their 1000+ friends. Why on earth would someone who has only 250 friends, appear on their newsfeeds? But guess what, this guy (my crush’s close friend) recently liked a pic of mine, which I had uploaded, which had only about some 6 likes. How did THAT manage to make it into his newsfeed, considering the fact that he has about some 1000+ friend’s updates to keep a track off?! We’re not close friends. In fact, we are nothing more than acquaintances. So, to me, that is proof that he has been stalking my profile too, or there would be no way in hell he would have noticed my photo on his newsfeed.

          The more you stalk someone, the more FB makes it a point to flash their updates on your newsfeed frequently, no matter how many friends you have on your friend’s list. That’s my theory & I’m sticking to it 😀

        2. I agree, according to the list, my crush’s dad has looked at me a few times. He ranks about ten people below my own father (whom I don’t know and haven’t friended but have exchanged a few messages with and I view on a near daily basis). But his dad logically shouldn’t even know about me, unless my crush has been talking about me.

          1. @Akid Have you ever opened or visited your crush’s dad’s profile before you noticed him on your keesh list?

  142. My bad if this has already been said (can’t blame me for not wanting to read the million posts on here), but if the list doesn’t change for quite a while, you might want to run ccleaner (or some other method if you prefer) maybe every few days. If you’re active on facebook, then it surely changes (at least that’s what I found out). As an alternative, you could log onto facebook using a browser you don’t use often (for me its google chrome) every few days. That way, if the two lists are different, the list on the browser you don’t use is the more current one. I’ve only been more active on facebook because I’ve been very interested in experimenting with this thing. Got some pretty simple, yet interesting results so far actually. The changes on my lists have ranged from one day to a few days.

    1. I wholeheartedly-agree! I have a computer at home, but most of time my brother uses it, so at times like that I use my laptop. My brother recently had to go for a trip & decided to take my laptop along with him. He had been gone for 3 weeks. So I used to browse facebook everyday through the computer since my brother wasn’t around & my laptop wasn’t with me. I used to check the keesh list on my account everyday, & it changed only twice (with the ranking of my crush & his friends reducing). It wasn’t changing at all for a really long times on my computer. But now that my brother is back from his trip along with my laptop, I checked my fb account’s keesh list on my laptop & guess what: the ranking of my crush & his friends has increased by 140-155 points & one friend of his has increased to 250! (it’s obvious that his friends have been viewing me just as much as he must be viewing me)

      How did I reach the conclusion that the list displayed on my laptop is the latest list? Because it shows a childhood-friend’s ranking high on the list. We haven’t seen each other in ten years. I recently added her to my friend list one week back. She wasn’t on my friend’s list before. We only privately messaged each other. She wasn’t on my old keesh list that was being displayed all this time on my computer, when my brother was away with my laptop. So it’s obvious that the one displayed on my laptop is the latest one (because her name is on it)! The irony is: I never opened her albums or wall, I haven’t liked or commented on anything (whether that be status-updates, photos or wall posts). I only sent her two messages through my FB inbox & she sent two replies back. For such a small interaction, it just seems unreasonable that her ranking would be so high on my keesh list. The only reason it could be this high, could be because she might have been viewing my photos & wall (since it had been ten years since we met!).

  143. @tiffany, so how would you explain my list/top 6/8 before i deleted that girl… or should i say, can you??
    @Gidget, yeah some of her friends (on my keesh list) i actually checked but a lot of her friends i haven’t seen before (when i looked their name on fb, i checked their friends and go figure, she’s there…)

  144. @tiffany Actually I don’t hover my mouse over his photos, news updates, or his name, & for some strange reason he doesn’t appear on my ticker (I have no idea why :-/)

    I have added him to a separate folder/list along with a bunch of other friends. I do click on that folder/list everyday to view the updates of the friends in that list (which include him). But I don’t click on their updates or hover my mouse over their names/photos/updates, not to mention the fact that I view my acquaintance list EVERYDAY as well (& this list includes about some 100 friends). So if that is the case, how is it possible that none of their names (the names on my acquaintance list) appear as high as his name on my list?

    I forgot to mention: I NEVER hover (or click on, for that matter) my mouse over my cousin’s name/photos/updates either & even she doesn’t appear on my ticker. & like I said, I had asked her to deliberately stalk my profile for the past two weeks. Explain to me how her ranking has increased in the past two weeks, in spite of the fact that I neither click on or hover over her name/updates/photos?

    Tiffany, I’m going to agree to disagree with you. The reason being: I just feel that it’s a little too over-the-top for facebook to track what/where are mouse hovers on & I don’t even think it’s technically possible for them to track that unless you are actually clicking on that which your mouse hovers on. But then again, this is just my opinion. For all I know, I could be totally wrong.

    1. the reason i think that fb tracks mouse hovering over news feed/ticker updates is because whenever you hover over something, usually it’ll cause that status update/photo/what have you to pop up in a slighter larger window so you are able to see the whole thing. does that make sense? my wording might be off. but anyway, if these windows are popping up, they’re probably tracking it to some extent. obviously i don’t know for sure either, but from what i know about how much info is tracked on fb/google/etc, it would make sense i think.

  145. *sigh* I wish Jeremy Kesshin could help us figure this one out! 🙂 He is probably the only man right now who might have some solid answers to this mystery :-/

  146. they can’t track hovering obviously…. only if you enlarge it (by clicking on it).
    I guess Gidget and I will have to solve it…

      1. I’m aware of that, but if you read my story here you’ll see that it’s not the case. i do agree that it had to have something with views of your profiles (FB changed the algorithm again like a week ago) but not the hovering thingy… only if you actually enlarge it by not just hover and see the tiny news info/pic but when you actually click on it….
        but like i said, you can see in my case that your argument is valid regarding the profile views…
        let me know what you think

        1. @KJ If, as you mentioned in your above post, that you had deleted her, but her friends are appearing on your keesh stalker list, then I think it’s safe to say that either she is stalking/viewing you using her friend’s profiles or her friends are doing it for her. I can’t think of any other explanation as to why her friends would appear on your keesh list with a high ranking, considering the fact that you have never visited her friend’s profiles ever, correct me if i’m wrong. Maybe she figured out that you had deleted her. But don’t take my word for it…I could be wrong. It’s best we continue testing until we are absolutely certain.

          1. I find people on the list who have commented on the same thread I have commented, multiple times, like friends of my friend with whom I do not interact directly. Therefore I don’t think it’s necessarily stalking. Maybe in the recent past, these friends have commented too much on the same of her items you commented/ did some activity on

  147. So this is a two-sided list? How come my dummy account never climb on my list even though I’ve been consistently viewing myself from it? I don’t get it.

  148. when you run your keesh list and view it, is it private only to your computer? or is it published automatically in the news feed?

  149. The interesting thing for me is that this bookmarklet does not show me the profiles I view regularly, search for regularly or even interact with regularly. It is actually showing me the people I like the most and the people I am most compatible with. The people at the top of the list are the people I would want to have a long lunch with and as the list goes on I would want that lunch to be shorter and shorter. Then, I get to the end of the list and I wonder, why am I FB friends with these people? This is the defriends suggestion box.

  150. I have been facebook-stalking my crush for a few weeks. And um I’m actually about to ask him for a first date xD
    Should I be embarrassed about this??

  151. Does anyone have anymore proof if the list is from those who visit your profile (even if not friends with them)? I have a certain someone who (after relatives, that are listed that way) is always in the top 10-12 that really surprised me because I rarely visit his profile. He is up there with my girlfriends (fellow Moms) that always comment or like! He never “comments” or “likes” anything on my wall so I can only assume he is looking without leaving proof of it.

    Also, my list seems to refresh weekly, usually after Monday. I’ve been keeping screen shots to track who is falling where. I am nowhere near a techie so any help/explanation with this would be great!


  152. I am curious: one of my friends just put me on their restricted list and they don’t show up at all in the rankings from the bookmarklet. So does Facebook cancel out their interaction with you? I have been to their page in the last week..

  153. It’s happened again guys! The numbers of two to three people on my list whose profiles I very rarely or never open have increased again. I NEVER open my niece’s profile but she is still on the top four on my list. The same goes for a cousin of mine. & lastly there was a guy whose profile I visit once in while…but for the past couple of weeks I haven’t visited it. Although I did view an album on another mutual friend’s profile in which this guy had been tagged. Could that be the reason his number has increased? because I was viewing a photo that he had been tagged in?

  154. I wonder if whether or not someone has searched/checked out your page affects whether they come up in your search results? A while ago I was stalking an ex from a very recent breakup (the stage where internet stalking is inevitable) I couldn’t find him anywhere in my search results (and believe me, I don’t give up on stalking quickly!). Then a month or so later he popped right up in the top 5 results, maybe b/c he was stalking me? Or maybe that’s wishful thinking 🙂 Boo hoo. Interesting love topic as well as Facebook algorithm topic. I know… MOVE ON!

  155. The numbers keep moving these recent few days. People that haven’t viewed at all recently moved up the list. What is going on?

  156. Worked for me the first time, and I often sell myself as not smart enough. I guess if I lurk on someone then I stay away for a long time because all my scores are almost zero. My top 4 are family and I know our connections are almost next to nothing. But I email a lot from Yahoo instead of FB messages so I’m sure there’s plenty of people who wish they could forget me. Now I can’t turn it off yet?

  157. linkedin’s people you may know feature is kind of strange. more suspicious than this facebook thing (which clearly seems to be actually based on who you search for, except for maybe on your profile page where the top ten will change)

    with linkedin though, they strangely seem to be getting their information from somewhere else. Potentially getting info based on ip address, searches made while not logged into linked in, etc.. For this, i am referring to basic, non paying account holders. Anyone else interested in this?

  158. I did not find “first_degree.php” in Google chrome???
    their are bunch of “pull” , “buddy_list.php” “thread_sync.php” etc etc but nooo first_degree.php



  159. OK, curiosity and a bit of wishful thinking here, and it’s an issue that seems to concern a few people…I stopped looking at the profile of someone I like, out of fear he would somehow find out. We’re not facebook friends, have no mutual fb friends, are not members of any groups in common etc. He’s always top of the search list for his initial letters, though they’re very common and even though I’ve searched actual fb friends with the same initials more frequently and more recently. I even went to the trouble of viewing repeatedly other profiles of people with the same initials, and he did move down my list (to 4). I wouldn’t have bothered commenting here at all, because this seemed to prove that his prime position was due to my searches …bot lo and behold – he’s back at the top again today. Could it just be that FB knows I was looking at him a lot and then stopped, and by putting him there at the top, they’re encouraging me to start looking again? Which is, if you think about it, kind of manipulative.

  160. Or maybe it’s because he’s someone I’m not ‘friends’ with (sigh) and FB is trying to nudge me into sending him a request, sort of not letting me forget him. Mind games or what?

  161. There is an astounding number of people i have never looked at or had contact with ever on this list… it seems to be that it definitely shows people who have looked at your profile

    1. I agree. The rank of my crush increases & decreases every now & then in spite of me not having looked at his page in ages!

      (sorry I posted this reply to @Test’s response, but this reply was mean’t for you @brad)

    1. I always thought that it refers to the fact that one list shows a more recent updated list, & another one on another computer is showing older versions of the list. It is up to you to decide which one must be the most recent one.

    2. I agree. The rank of my crush increases & decreases every now & then in spite of me not having looked at his page in ages!

    3. Maybe its your browser history its basing the results on? Try completely clear your history/cookies/cache….

  162. There are people on my list who I have never interacted with either. It is possible that it does take into consideration of others looking at your profile, but I don’t think that’s definite. I commented on a pic of a friend of mine which was posted by someone else. The next day, the person who posted the pic was #2 on my keesh list! I don’t know if the person who posted the pic looked at my profile or not, but I think it is mainly because I commented on the photo. It could be that you share some interests or things with the people that show up on your list, and you’ve commented on similar things in the past. You never know how the algorithm will work. And my dummy account has never risen since I’ve been looking at it my actual account through it. It just doesn’t seem you can be certain that it is two-sided.

  163. It looks like FB is automatically assigning higher rankings to people I have marked as family members. The top 5 make sense – definitely people I interact with/look at their pages the most, but then all my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc are listed directly under that, regardless of my interaction with them (in some cases never).

  164. Will these people eventually disappear from the list? I looked at several profiles of adult stars and looked at the pics. I did not friend any of them, and maybe looked at their page once or twice. Now they show up when I start typing in the search box. Even ahead of some friends! A lot of them are now in my keesh list with some ranking pretty high.

    I would prefer they just go away. Am I now stuck with these forever?

    1. That’s been exactly my experience as well. I’m convinced it’s mutual as well as one sided. Meaning not only does it take into account mutual views but also takes into account those who have viewed you (even if you have never viewed them back)

  165. The top 8 friends and the top friends in the friends link, are definitely linked. My top 8 friends always consist of my first top two groups of friends on my friends list, which consists of rows 1-5 as the first group, and rows 6-13. How I’ve noticed this is by refreshing my friends page, and noticing they never cross boundaries with other groups, and always stay within their rows. Any friend that’s currently row 14 and below, have never showed up in my top 8, as far as I’ve noticed.
    For the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed the friends on my top 5 rows on my friends list, take up most of the space in my top 8–it’s been 5-6 usually out of 8, with the other 2 showing up as friends from rows 6-13. I think the daily cycling is random though.

    I’ve talked to several people on
    and it seems to be universal that everyone has top 5 rows. I don’t know if everyone else’s 2nd group of friendsare from rows 6-13 though. I can only account for myself.. And I have almost 190 friends.

    I’m not 100% conclusive on how my friends move up and down my top 13 rows (and below). Most of my top 5 rows of friends are pretty high on the keesh list though(most of them having interaction with me or vice versa or mutual I’m sure.) Though some are in my top 5 or rows 6-13, but I don’t interact with a whole lot.. So some could be stalkers. It’s hard to say.

    1. In addition… When you go to a friend’s timeline page and click on theri friends list, I think you are likely to see that they have top 3 rows of friends. And if you view friends list from any friend’s perspective(via activity log, view as… *type person’s name, and then click on your friends list*) you will notice that you have top 3 rows of friends as well, that stay within their 3 rows. I’ve also noticed the top 3 rows that you see from a friend’s perspective are a part of the top 5 rows of your friends list as well from your own view point, and they will always stay the same, regardless of which friend you view as.

      I’m not sure what the top 3 rows signify though.. Some have said that they could be people the wner of the friend’s list stalks. However, when I look at my top 3 rows from a friend’s perspective, there are 2 that are not too high on my keesh list, that are on my top 3 rows(friend’s perspective) or 5(from my perspective). So I dunno.

      1. In addition… You may notice having two different sets of top 8 and top friends(noticably the top 5 rows or top 15 friends) that alternate through refreshing every now and then. Remember how I said the top 8 and the top 5(or top 13 rows on the friends list are linked)? Well the first set of both of them are just regular and stable.. While the 2nd set seems to be based on recent interactions with fb friends and lasts only for a few days to a week. If you like/comment enough people’s statuses that you don’t regularly talk to, you may get a second set of top 5 rows and they will be bumped up to be in the top 5 rows within minutes or hours. With this, the top 8 changes accordingly. You’re second top 8 set may have one or more people from your new top 5.

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  167. I think I found something out. Donno if it’s already known, but the list that is shown while you are on your own profile is different from the list that is shown if you are on the “startpage”.

      1. mzzz well it was before I got timeline. Don’t know if that’s a factor. The script doesn’t work for me at all anymore atm?

  168. It is definitely one-sided and it goes based on who you view the most bc I have a dummy page that i have had for a couple years now with zero friends on my friend list and I only used that dummy page for gaming and sometimes checking on past loves… those are the only names who have shown up.. my past loves.. all of the ones i checked, dating a couple years ago and are the only pages I ever viewed on my dummy list.. so and they definitely haven’t looked at my dummy page bc I’m the only one who knows about it.

    1. Zero friends is an interesting scenario! The ranking seems to show indeed who you proactively interact with. Other elements of the page (e.g. chat box) probably throw some other contacts at random, as I have not interacted with them and I don’t think they would visit my profile.

  169. Thanks for the script.


    1. How do I get the script to reload or refresh once done the first time? (I had to install it on a different browser in order to get recent results.
    2. How do I access or view the file directly using firefox etc.? I am not a programmer but I have some experience working with html/css/ and light php for blogging.

    Thanks again!

  170. Okay, I still think this is one sided also, because I also have a dummy account and I check myself through it and nothing really happens in my own account. I was really unsure for awhile, but it just won’t show on two sides…..so…..my best guess is it is 1 sided and the variations are due to the algorithms…I mean I don’t know…..

  171. Thought i would share something kind of interesting that plays a role in this list.
    I just re-activated my old fb account that I haven’t been on since late 2010. When I ran the list, my three siblings showed up at the top (who i list as siblings on my profile), all at -1.52. Then, after them, was my ex-bf, who I had once been “in a relationship” with on fb (at -0.9 something). Then everyone else was -.001. So fb takes into account whether you have listed someone as “in a relationship” or not… I don’t even think we are friends on that fb account anymore.

    Other than that, I have read a lot of comments and observations on this page, and it is all so confusing. I sound like a creeper, but I’ve been logging in to my ex-bf’s fb account (who leaves absolutely no evidence of doing anything on fb), and the results are interesting. Number three on his list is a girl I’ve never heard of and they aren’t friends and have one friend in common. Bummer, I know.

  172. Hi, I found something interesting which can relate the Keesh list to the 8-friends box (or even 6-friends box) on the timeline!

    If you look at the numbers next to each name in the list from the beginning to the end you can see there are numbers which are exatcly the same for two (or sometimes three to four) adjacent names. The interesting point is that one of the names (with the same number) is one of the people who recently (or maybe always) appear on your 8-friends box (or 6-friends box). Check it!

    I think there’s something to learn more about the numbers here.

    And one other thing I found is this. In my 8-friends box there is a friend in (the right bottom) who no matter how much I refresh, is still there while the others moving. I searched a lot for this in the internet and I found that’s someone who is special for you and I still don’t know is it two-sided or not. But the interesting thing I found was happened today. I have a fake account which I’ve created for some tests. The only friend whom I have there is my real account. Today I opened my real account’s timeline with my fake account, while I was logged in to my real account with another web browser. The 8-friends box which appeared on my real account was identical to the one seemed through the fake one, except for the famous right-bottom corner friend.

    Interestingly the right-bottom corner friend is the first one in my Keesh list. And guess what? this person’s number is unique (not of the ones I mentioned above) and also the friend who seemed in that position through the fake account was a unique numbered one.

    I don’t know how to relate this things to the unknown numbering formula, but my instinct says the numbering formula is not a only a cumulative pointing system. Specially that sometimes (for me always) numbers are decreasing.

    Any ideas?! Can you see what happened for me (the double same numbers) on your list? Are they ever appeared in your friends box list?

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    this post and if I could I wish to suggest you few interesting things or suggestions.
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  174. I think this is two sided, and I think that it does indeed show who looks at your profile. Yes, it count messages and interactions, but I’m now fairly sure that when a friend say, clicks on a photo of yours, the rank goes up. I use this to check who is looking at my stuff, and TBH I think its fairly informative.

    Re. The comment above on the dummy post – its only ever going to be one sided on a dummy account that your crushes don’t loo at, isn’t it…

    1. I totally agree. I get the strange feeling that it is in fact two-sided too. But this doesn’t apply to people you have listed as family members because they are automatically assigned a big rank simply because they are your family members. I’ve checked this out with my family members so I know it for a fact.

  175. I dο not knoω whether it’s just me or if everybody else encountering problems with your blog. It appears as if some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This could be a problem with my browser because I’ve had thіѕ happen pгeviouѕly.

  176. Hi,

    Is there a way to access the file from my own application/website/facebook app?
    Basically, I have a facebook app, and I want to be able to get access to the user’s top friends. However, when I try loading the bootstrap.php file I get a Access-Control-Allow-Origin. Anybody knows a way around it?

  177. I noticed something strange today on my keesh list: there were a lot of names sprinkled on there that were unknown to me. So I typed their names on the search bar & noticed that these were people whose profiles I have never seen or visited. EVER.

    Further proof that the keesh list is indeed two-sided 🙂

    1. I don’t think so, you probably have friends/ groups or smth in common and commented on the same update etc. I have similar people whose pages I never visited, but I saw their names commenting on the same updates of my friend I have commented on.

      1. No we don’t share any mutual friends. & Moreover even if we are commenting on something in the same group, there is a chance that out of curiosity they might have viewed my profile after reading my comments.

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  179. Still not working. I do believe that so many different theories abound due to the algorithm changing. Just my opinion. Anyone know how to get it working again?

    1. What you should do is ask one of your friends (who is also interested in figuring this out) to defriend you and you both don’t look at one another for a couple of weeks, until your friend disappears off your list. Then ask your friend to stalk you for awhile (or the other way around) and see what happens on your(or your friend’s) list. Or you can refriend your friend and then do the same thing (but refriending a person will move the person high up the list, so it’s probably better to just not do that). This is the easiest way to figure it out, I’m guessing.

      1. I did this – I “defriended” a friend I talk to all the time, and who is always at the top of the list. I asked her to stay off my page while we experiment. It took more than a week, but she disappeared from the search bar, and from the Keesh list. When she started going back on my page, I’ve yet to see her on the list. Still beta testing, lol.

  180. You got a great work !
    I think to myself that FACEBOOK, at this point is stupid, since at first time they do not give the chance to see who you have looked for or even who are looking for you. What is the problem on this ? Others thing, I work for Brazilian Goverment, and I think that for security reason the people have the right to check who are looking for him/her and also, who you have been in touch with.

    Congratulations !

  181. When I look at the Facebook Friends listing from mu laptop to my desktop the reports are different, even though I am using the same Facebook account? Why is the listing different and why are the numbers different. Does not make sense? Thanks.

    1. I think the one that you use less frequently is the latest list. What I mean by that is that if you use your laptop less frequently than your desktop, then the list on your laptop displays the latest list. That’s my theory & am sticking to it.

  182. Hey there!

    This whole mechanism is really mysterious. It seems like even though you havent looked at someone’s profile for a very long time, they still seem to stay at the top 15 of your friends list. I, (like I’m sure many of you) got interested in this bookmarklet because my ex-gf just wont get her ass out of my search window.
    I’m absolutely positive that I havent visited her profile for a whole 9 months now. And even before this I visited her like twice a week tops! (we’ve been broken up for over 2 years now). We have only two mutual friends to whom neither of us has got a lot of contact afaik. I deleted her from my friends list like 8 months ago… and yet there she is. Ninth on my list with -1.85. And it’s been like that for over a month now. It even increased by about 0.3 even though I didnt visit her page!

    This whole list is so cryptical… I wish the Keesh himself could tell us more about it.

    1. I’m with you on this one. Totally agree….Wish Jeremy keeshin himself could tell us what it REALLY is,

      @Jeremy Keeshin: Why don’t you tell us what it is already?!?!

  183. Pretty embarassing for sure. But there ist one question for me.

    Is this visible in any way to the person I´ve been “stalking” for perhaps by a very high ranking/place his friendship list for a couple of time? Note: The person I´ve been “stalking” for is linked with me in facebook.


    1. They can’t see your keesh list, but if they are high on your friends list, and you’re more towards the bottom of there’s, and you interact with their profile(clicking on their pics or statuses on the ticker, liking, commenting, and viewing their photos too maybe), you’re likely stalking them, and they aren’t interacting with you as much.

  184. A really great script, thanks. I’ve a question, though and I apologise if it’s been answered before in the comments.

    Is the EdgeRank based solely on your activity, or is it based on the relationship between two people? For example, my EdgeRank with person A is -3.000, will their EdgeRank for me be -3.000 also, or are they independent?

    A lot has been said about Facebook never giving users the option to view / monitor other user’ browsing habits, but I was curious none the less.

  185. Okay why is the list not working on my Google Chrome? Is anybody else experiencing the same issue?

    & Am I the only one whose list updates once in a week or two weeks? I’ve read of many posts where people say that their’s updates everyday (sometimes even twice a day!)…..Can anyone clarify why mine takes longer & what I could do to update to the latest list? Would really appreciate some interesting feedback 🙂 Thanks

  186. I feel like this bookmarklet works both ways, though. Because while the first person in the list is one of the people I’m “stalking” the next ten people are family members that I don’t view near as much, but I know for a fact view me. So, maybe there is a way to find out who’s stalking you with this thing.

    1. Yeah, it MUST factor in how much they view your profile, also. #3 is my dad and #5 is an exboyfriend who I’m not even FB friends with anymore and whom I only check in on a couple times a year/every few months (I check in on one of my other exboyfriends a lot more, and he’s like #15, below people whose shit I only look at when it’s on my news feed.

      1. No I’m gonna have to disagree. Family members are high on the list because they are your family members, & Facebook knows that because you have listed them as such. Not because they are viewing you. I have already confirmed this with my family members, who all appear in the first 10 on my list & no they don’t view my profile. But I still do believe that apart from that the list definitely shows not only who ONLY you view but who is one-sidedly stalking you, & sometimes mutual-stalking as well.

        1. Hey, if your exes were ever listed as being “in a relationship” with you on fb… fb knows it and keeps an account of it. i logged in to an old fb account that i don’t use anymore, and my ex bf that i used to be in a relationship with on fb publicly, was a -1.1. i haven’t used that account or done anything on it for over a year. also, family members all start at around-1.75 if they are listed as your family member. so all i’m saying here is -1.1 is where fb starts for an ex or current relationship you’re in.

  187. Oh gosh… yup, definitely feel a bit embarrassed. Seems fairly accurate apart from the fact that I don’t stalk my brother nearly enough for him to be second. Thanks for this 🙂

  188. It seems FB may have updated something within the past week, the bookmarklet seems to be weird again.Anyone else noticed this?

  189. something strange happened to me just few days ago.. so two person have been in top 5 on my list ever since i started using this.. and all of a sudden they both dropped to a very low number and ended up at a very low position.. has anyone experienced this?

    1. Yeah, if you haven’t viewed their profile in a very long time then yes, their numbers could drop. But that is just a theory, as some of us, myself included, feel that the list might be mutual (or even one-sided)…& therefore if the person isn’t viewing you as well, that could affect their ranking & hence reduce their rank.

    2. Yes, everyone I know who uses the bookmarklet has experience the same thing in the past week or so. My #1 person dropped from having been #1 since June to #22, way below people who aren’t even friends and I know I have not viewed their profiles more than my old #1…so something definitely changed. Maybe FB reset the coding or maybe the algorithm changed.

  190. I’m feeling slightly stupid now for asking this but what exactly do these numbers tell me? the one on top is -7.5188928320312 and the one at the bottom is -0.00012640380859375

    I see some names, I cannot remember ever seeing before.

    1. It means they might have viewed your profile if your seeing names that you cannot remember ever seeing before. It means the ones at the top are the numbers are the ones whose profiles you view most frequently (or so it seems, as some of us, myself included, feel it might be mutual or even one-sided at times)

      1. thnx for the reply.

        So it isn’t clear if it’s them viewing me or me viewing them?
        I don’t know why but this thing has gotten my attention and I like to save the numbers every couple of days and compare them.

        Anyways, thanks for the help!

  191. @Jeremy keeshin: Considering the fact that I searched your email & couldn’t find it, I’m just wondering what your opinions/theories regarding the list are? Would love to hear it 🙂

    The reason I’m asking is because your most probably the only one who might have some idea about what it REALLY means….is it one-sided? Is it based on mutual-views?? Is it only based on whom you view? etc…

  192. there are so many comments, I wanted to try to figure out when the list updates. it is from a few days that remains with the same numbers and orders.

    the first on the list is a friend of mine who is involved in many group messages and activities, but I dont watch often his page and he has much higher score than others. it’s because he can often see my page?

  193. Hi everybody – I’m having fun deconstructing this list with a few friends. Some things are obvious….
    It is definitely two-sided. Too many anecdotes to tell that supports this.
    It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not people are on your friends list.
    One thing I noticed is people at the very bottom just dropped in – I went to a party, and never gave anybody my fb address, and a handful of people I met showed up on the bottom of the list.
    The list seems to “refresh” at odd intervals, sometimes a day, sometimes a week.
    Relatives seem to remain high, whether or not you interact with them.
    The order seems somewhat sketchy – I have about ten people I interact with all the time, and some are down near 20th place, though they’re definitely there.
    I don’t find playing with the list embarrassing at all – but it is amusing.

    1. Thanks for putting all this in a single comment. I agree 100% that it’s two-sided and that it doesn’t matter whether you’re FB friends or not. Like I said above, an exboyfriend who defriended me when I broke up with him two years ago shows up #5, and I only look at his profile a few times a year, no more than once a month. While I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he’s stalking my profile, I do wonder whether FB takes into account the fact that we were once listed as “in a relationship.” It would make sense.

      1. Yeah but it’s been 2 FREAKING years! That’s a long time since he defriended you (or has been listed as “in a relationship with you”), so it makes no sense why he would be no.5 on your list unless he has been checking you

        btw, making it to no. 5 on anyone’s keesh list is not easy unless there has been a lot of stalking going on lately (either from only your side or only his side, or maybe sometimes even both sides!

        p.s. could you post the rank of your ex-boyfriend?

    2. I agree that it is mutual. I have less than 25 FB friends so my list is easy to analyze. My #1 person is someone I have no interaction with on FB- no ‘likes’, no comments, no chat, no tagging, no private messages, etc., yet I am sure this person is creeping my profile (we have a complicated relationship history). #1’s current number is -8.37. My #2 person is a friend who has admitted to stalking my profile “all the time”, and we do have mutual interaction on FB in comments/likes/tagging/chat/messages, yet this friend is always #2, with current number of -7.29. I think I view the two of these friends’ profiles about the same amount per week, maybe view #2 more than #1 some weeks. Yet my #1 has stayed #1 since we became friends with one exception-which was during a week I know this person was traveling over the weekend, and that week my #2 was #1. The rest of my list makes sense- the rest of the top 10 are all friends I interact with, but most of them I know do not actually view my profile very often but do ‘like’ and comment in their news feed to my posts. They may view my photos at most 1-2x a month or less. Their numbers are anywhere from -5 (a person whose profile I view often) to -1.2 (a close friend who is not very active on FB very much but does check her news feed daily and we have mutual interactions). And then after that are folks that I either never interact with, or are not really on my friends list but either I viewed their profile as a friend of friend or I know they are friends of friends and may have viewed my profile. And then there are the random folks that may be friends of friends but I don’t recognize the names like other people have reported. And my dummy account that I have viewed my main profile with also shows up on my list, and I have looked at my dummy profile with my main profile and vice versa maybe 3 times or less in the last 6 months- and that has a number of -0.029. A friend’s ex-husband is at the bottom of my list, I looked at his profile exactly 1 time, and he has a number of -0.0002. I feel sure he as never searched for my profile or viewed it-it doesn’t give my last name so would be very hard to find.
      I also find the whole Keesh list thing quite fun! And I also agree it seems to refresh at random.

  194. About a week ago I started wondering why people appear in my 6 and 8 boxes, and I’ve had a lot of fun when I stumbled upon the vivid discussions. Did some experiments myself, and for what it’s worth, here are some of my findings.

    1 People notice the Keesh list refreshing at odd intervals. This week I’ve had no refresh at all. The only refresh I got was when I downloaded a new browser. I think that is a flaw in the bookmark. I guess fb is adapting it’s figures every second, but there is no refresh option for the list you can get. That explains why different computers show different values. The latest change you have seen in your list is probably the most recent.

    2 I did an experiment with a reallife friend, whom I hardly interact with on fb. He started stalking me, and I did not react. His rating went from very very low to very low. Yet, without any reaction of mine his rating increased by 40%. He also showed up once in my 6box. That suggests that the list is not only based on who you stalk, but also on who is stalking you.

    3 I’m not much of a stalker, but I do have my crushes too. One of them I have an interest in, but we have close to zero interaction on fb. And as far as I’m aware I don’t follow her actions in a different way than I follow actions of others that I care for. Yet she appears in my top 5 on the list (I have 500+ friends).

    So I think the following. Fb wants me to spend as much time as possible on their site, because that’s what makes their money. The way to do so is by making fb as attractive as possible to me. So it shows the people I’m interested in, based on the way I behave on fb.

    But I think there is another side. In real life people are very carefull expressing to each other how much they care for another. Fb wants to be a safe place for checking who you’re interested in, without the other noticing. But fb notices when it’s mutual, and values it.

    So I think fb is very well designed. I guess they’ve hired a couple of pretty good psychologists and anthropologists to develop their ratings…

    And my personal request to Keesh would be: Can you make a refresh button on your bookmark?

  195. This is a great gizmo. There is a lot of controversy about whether you can see who has been looking at your profile. The are people that say it is impossible…

    I have a real world case that I would like to share that will proves that it is possible under certain circumstances to ascertain who has been lurking.

    It came to my attention through another source that a policeman was looking at my social networking among other things. I am a political activist but certainly not a criminal. Have found his name from a third party I decided that I would collect evidence to establish that he was probing into my private life without just cause. It is quite easy to do except on Facebook.

    Now pay attention… I had only just found out his name and had never searched or visited his Facebook or anything else. I logged into my Facebook and typed the first letter of his first name… low and behold he was first on the list. This could only have happened because he had been visiting my Facebook. I had had absolutely no interaction before that time and only typed the first letter of his first name.

    People that you do not know and have not visited their Facebook will appear in the search list if they have been looking at your Facebook. I have absolutely no doubt that this is fact.

  196. my ex girlfriend is around -14.88 to -15.34. has been like that for 2 months now, and i defriended her mid august. My sister is 2nd with a -6.20

  197. Guys, as I said, I have lots of anecdotes, but this is the most amusing – I spent several months in a foreign country that is obsessed with social media (it’s a pretty oppressive place, like you can go to jail if you criticize the leader) . Anyway, when I got back home, I had pages and pages of names from there – people I didn’t know and who aren’t friends with the handful of people that I do know from there. I’m sure they got my fb address by word of mouth – maybe I gave it to one or two people.
    Here’s another thing, just speaking of people about whom you are sure you were never on their page – in your fb search bar, the first names that show up for each letter are the same names at the top of your list.
    So, of course, the list is two sided, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. I asked a couple of people to spend a lot of time on my page, and they never showed up. Right now, we’re experimenting with the “connect to people” option in the Privacy settings – I suspect if you are not searchable, you are also not searchable by the Keesh’s java script. I’ll report later – Have fun being nosy – I don’t really know what this is useful for other than satisfaction from seeing a former estranged boyfriend or girlfriend on top of the list. Otherwise, what’s is for?

  198. Greetings, Fellow Nosy People! This is kind of an interesting fly to throw in the ointment. I asked a person with no connections to a fb page to stalk that page mercilessly – well, she has yet to show up on the Keesh list. Go figure.

  199. So how do you access the “token” name things? The only thing I can see are the number rankings.

    Amazing device we have, here 🙂
    Thanks for any help!

  200. Ok, since reading the latest comments has clarified a lot to me, I would also like to post my experience! 🙂
    First of all, my list also seems to refresh at very odd intervals. Sometimes even every 10 – 14 days, and also my relatives all seem to be in pretty high positions all the time, even though I’m pretty sure they don’t view my profile that often.

    Secondly, I also agree 100% that the list is mutual, but what I still don’t get to understand is which value is assigned to which interactions. I’ll make an example, since there are a few people in the list that I’ve been watching: let’s say I befriend a person, Mr.Ebby. I’ll go and view his profile and, most likely, he’ll view mine. Then, we are both inserted into a collective conversation (by others) but don’t answer much. At this point I check his ranking: -0.1. Ok, not high, but towards the centre of my (very long) list, since my #1 has a value of -4.108 (and my #1 is the girlfriend of a friend with whom I don’t interact much and whose profile I never view, and she’s is higher than my own boyfriend – creepy!!). Let’s say a few days pass, and I don’t view Mr.Ebby’s profile at all. I check back his ranking: -0.5. Ok. Either he has viewed my profile, or the messages bring the ranking up (or down, that is). Then, one day I meet Mr.Ebby and tell him about this cool bookmarlet. In the meantime, I don’t view his profile. Next time I check, he’s dropped down down down, to the bottom of the list, with a ranking of -0.0029. WTF? Why, I ask myself? I wonder if a person lists you as “acquaintance” it makes them drop down in your own list? Might be.

    Then, what I know for sure is that there are a couple of people with whom I haven’t interacted at all lately (because they don’t ever seem to be on facebook) whose ranking has gone up alone, with no other possible explanation than that they’ve viewed my profile.

    Moreover, I have a very close friend (listed as close friend) who’s not too high on my list (because she’s not often on facebook) but with whom I interact regularly without visiting her profile. Lately we’ve been messaging each other a lot, but her ranking seems to stay the same no matter what (very confusing).

    Last thing I noticed is that once you’ve visited a person’s profile, even if they’re not amongst your friends, they seem to remain on the bookmarklet list for a very, very long time…I wonder if this somehow affects the way facebook suggests possible friends, on both sides?
    Well well, very last thing I noticed is that the list changes if you clear your browser history, cookies included.

    Hope that I can help others understand how the list works and that I can get a little more information myself…and of course, I should thank Jeremy for such a neat bookmarklet.

    1. 😀 😀 😀 Okay guys, here is my final entry before I stop posting on this blog once & for all…..these are my final findings: I had created a fake account about one year ago, & I have been consistently stalking my real account with this fake account, EVERYDAY. I have been doing this everyday for the past three months or so….& no. I have not viewed/clicked/stalked my fake account through my real account. & guess what! 😀 My fake account’s rank in my real account’s keesh list has been consistently increasing everytime the keesh list is updated!! 😀 We were right all along!! 😀 The list is mutual & one-sided at the same time!!! Meaning: if a person is one-sidedly stalking you, their rank (on your keesh list) will increase whether or not you have viewed them in return. It will also increase if you have one-sidedly stalked someone. AND at the same time, the ranks DO ALSO increase if there are mutual-stalking or mutual-interactions as well. YAY!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      1. Awesome!
        I actually have been keeping track to, not as sufficient as you have done and not for such a long time but still, I have to agree with you. Some people just pop up for no reason other then that they have viewed my profile.

        I still don’t get it why the list seems to update whenever it feels like it…. so to speak..

        1. For some reason mine has started updating everyday…. Even though I haven’t cleared my cache or cookies or history :-/

          1. Is there a connection between clearing your browser history and refreshing the list?

            I thought it was just switched randomly.. Sometimes I check like every single day and nothing changes and there were some occations where it actually changed two times within a day. but I guess the history-clearing kinda explains it then…

      2. Well, i tried that too but my fake account does not rise at all. Plus, it only appeared in my keesh list after i viewed my fake account with my real account…

  201. yep, I agree it is a 2 sided ranking. My ex boyfriend consistently shows up in the top 4 on my list and we have not been fb friends since March. I have not visited his page since then but I know that he is a sneaky bastard who can’t resist a good snoop so I have left my profile set on “friends of friends can view” to test this theory out. His Keesh number goes up and down over the month but always stays around -2 even though he is not my friend on facebook… interesting! The top 3 rankings on my list are friends who I interact with all the time and whose profiles I look at and who I know look at mine. The rankings seem to get updated daily and if you clear your cache before you click on the rankings tab then you get the recent update.

  202. Sorry, I don’t think it’s two-sided. All of the people showing up on the list are people whose profiles I’ve viewed. And the more I view or interact with them, the higher on the list they go. I think it’s probably more telling to examine when/why friends show up in the 6/8 boxes or how high you rate in someone’s friends listing.

    1. It’s both, 2 sided, and & 1 sided. I have not visited my crush page since a fews weeks. His number dropped down, then suddenly goes up, without doing anything…. Coincidence, I don’t think so. People showing up in my 6 boxes, are people I’ve looked at. 8 boxes, people I’ve interacted recently, or a long time ago. I don’t pay attention to the boxes, in my opinion, it doesn’t shows the potential stalkers. But I’m agree,the all friends list is more interesting. (sorry for my bad english)

      1. But could’t it rather be the case that the list is not “up to date” – that means that it doesn’t update in realtime which would make it far more difficult to watch and understand the list. I stopped going to my crushes profile and his number has been constantly dropping, but sometimes suddenly rises. would be nice if that meant that he’s still watching my profile. 😉

    2. What makes you say it’s def. one sided? I thought so to at first because I’m all over facebook and have no idea who I have and who I haven’t viewed. Ever since sarah00 posted the comment on deleting internet history and cookies etc. I have been keeping track everyday. It’s alot easier to compare the stats that way and at the same time remember who the hell I have and who I definitly haven’t been viewing the day before.

      It made it more then clear to me that it’s definitly two sided, since some people who show up in the list are people I definitly would not view or be interested in.

      1. I say it’s one-sided for a couple of reasons…
        1) People who’s pages you can’t remember ever visiting–you probably viewed photos or comments that were originally shared with their friends who are your friends. Sometimes I won’t recognize a name on keesh, and then I’ll remember that person is a friend of a friend, and posted a photo of my friend.
        2) Keesh seems to suddenly revert back to old versions of itself from time to time, especially if you use more than one computer to log into facebook, and that’s why people move up and down for no discernible reason…For example, there’s a guy I’ve just friended and have been communicating A LOT on each others walls recently. He had already moved high up on my Keesh after only 2 days. Suddenly tonight, he moved back down to near the bottom–the list “refreshed” itself to an older version. Meanwhile this guy and I have still been communicating A LOT via wall posts. He’s even been going through my old photos because he “liked” one of them.

  203. Day 3, comparing the lists day by day, after clearing the internet history and cookies etc….
    Can somebody explain me how the hell it’s possible that EVERY and I really mean EVERY name on the list has got a higher number then the day before….. Which means everybody has viewed my profile? I find it hard to believe since it are 40 pages…. I am not that interesting…

      1. Maybe they clicked on your profile a couple of times? Or saw something that you “liked” (as in a post/pic that was set to “public”) on their newsfeed. Just saying :-/

        1. As much as I would love to think that’s the case here, I am sad to say I find it hard to believe that they all find my posts/likes/pics whatever interesting (some may, but most of them won’t)….

          In times like these, where I feel everybody wants to place themselves over others and want to feel more ‘important’ or interesting, people find it hard to admit they are in fact interested in others or their daily stuff…. This stuff kinda shows you the opposite of what people trying to be. And are constantly watching others behavior to not be like a complete outcast. We used to be loved when we showed interest towards others, now we are considerd nosy.

          This thing really got it’s grip on me… I can’t let go but I can’t really check if things are accurate…
          And I’m feeling to ‘exclusive’ to be sharing any of this prrrrecious info with any of my friends hahaha. Maybe in time I will.

          Are there any people who have been experimenting with another friend? Like what impact does it have when I post on my friends wall or the other way around? Only view from one side instead of just guessing it’s made up out of two? I think there are plenty of ways you can actually find out how it works instead of guessing.. But I guess…. hahah, I guess we all find this info here waaaaaay to precious to be sharing it allready.

          1. Well, I’ve played with the keesh script for months, and some things just don’t make sense. I think you’d have to talk to the people at Facebook who wrote this program to really understand how it works.

          2. @Marteen – What exactly is the “precious” information you are withholding? Keesh list doesn’t really tell us anything that makes sense.

  204. I’ve thought for a while this list is mutual. My ex and her best friend whom I unfriended show up at the top of my list all the time (we still have a few mutual friends who post pictures of me) so I have to figure they’re stalking my profile. Maybe just wishful thinking.

  205. Amazing !!!! It works !!! Not sure if it’s based only on who I look at though, some people appear there that I guess can be looking at my profile, but I’ve never looked at theirs, even if they’re my friends.

  206. Is there any way of of resetting the numbers, meaning erasing the quick search relevance? Of course Facebook said that it has one way use (it affects only you), but still I don’t feel very comfortable knowing that a list like this exists.

  207. Awesome! It really works, but.. is this legit that there is really something that it is in the order of the names? I actually saw this in the source code (use ctrl + f and type, orderedfriends, then you will see a looot of numbers, that is the facebook ids of your “stalkers” LOL)

      1. yeah it stopped working for me too. i was wondering if there’s a problem or smth. but somehow i seem to find that facebook is also having a problem being non-http? like i’d go and make it non-secure browsing in order to allow the bookmarklet to run, and it just doesn’t become! is anyone finding the same problem as well?

    1. Don’t use Firefox or Chrome. They’ve implemented something called Content Security Policy which blocks these kind of things because they’re potentially unsafe.
      Safari (v5 at least) should still work.

    2. Just had a quick look – looks like Facebook now employs Content Security Policy, which all modern browsers will look to for script execution limits – Facebook’s are set to:

      “script-src https://*.facebook.com http://*.facebook.com https://*.fbcdn.net http://*.fbcdn.net *.facebook.net *.google-analytics.com *.virtualearth.net *.google.com* *.spotilocal.com:* chrome-extension://lifbcibllhkdhoafpjfnlhfpfgnpldfl ‘unsafe-inline’ ‘unsafe-eval’ https://*.akamaihd.net http://*.akamaihd.net

      So, you could either use an older browser which doesn’t support CSP, modify your current browser or execute the code in the javascript console (easiest).

  208. I also noticed that it was broken. That’s a pity, cos I was really into it, and after a month investigating how it works, I am pretty sure that it is not both sided. The strongest impact on a friend’s number have visiting her or his profile, especially viewing a lot of photos of that person.

  209. Has anybody tried the web inspector trick where you go to your facebook profile page and use the built in web inspector, either in safari, chrome, or using firefox’s firebug extension, search through the source code for “orderedfriends”. You find a long list of numbers and if you copy and paste these numbers into (www.facebook.com/” “) inside the quotes. It takes you to their profile. Does this have any correlation to what friends view your profile the most frequently? Does anybody know what this list is?

  210. my list updates daily – but does anyone know how up to date this list is then? someone wrote about few days to 2 weeks? is there any possibility that it is a quite realtime update? 😉

  211. @annon: how can you see it’s old values from last week? haven’t they changed in comparison to those from last week? because, as I wrote above, mine change daily…but it seems like the refer to the status of 2 weeks ago. which confuses me as I stopped stalking my #1 crush, hoping this might reveal if he stalks me too. 😉

  212. Your script is a program on Google Chrome’s webshop, but it isn’t working. Is that something you can fix, or make them fix? I know it works with Safari, but I want it to work on Chrome as well. Thanks!

  213. I must be stupid, but can someone tell me how to work this bookmark. I did what he said to do but it still won’t work. Please help! Thanks

  214. Oddly enough it now works from my MacBook using Firefox as the browser but won’t work from my work PC running Firefox. Maybe I need to update Firefox or something on the PC.

  215. Yeah, weird. It stopped working with Chrome since last week, but tested today with firefox and it worked! As I haven’t used for a week, I can’t say if the numbers make sense or not though. I’m on Windows.

    1. Updating Firefox on my laptop worked, the list is now the same on both my computers. I am tracking the list every day- the crush that I unfriended back at the first of November keeps moving between my #2, 3 and sometimes 4 on the list. I am tracking to see if I can figure out if he is still stalking my profile. We have a complicated history. When he was a FB friend he was always #1 by a large margin, but of course I was viewing his page too. The person who is now #1 on my list is someone who is on my acquaintance list but who admits to stalking my page frequently-I do not visit hers, haven’t in several weeks, and never search for her by name. The unfriended crush right now #2, above 2 people on my close friends list and someone else whose page I look at often. I have been using this bookmarklet for months and cannot draw any definite conclusions, except that I think it is two-sided, not just who I view or search for the most. I think mutual interest has the highest impact on the ranking because I have tried to stalk some friends that I know do not visit my profile on purpose to see if their numbers would increase and the numbers only went up a small amount.

  216. We really need to find out what the factors are that influence the hierarchy of the list. I’m getting some weird results; people who I barely know and never interact with in any way, come up high in my list. I don’t get it.

  217. Sorry for my bad English: to be honest, the list seems to be showing only one-sided interaction. I have watched the numbers for a month now and, at the same time, except for a few visits, stopped interaction with anyone on my list on facebook. The numbers are all constantly decreasing. I definitely know that my brother has visited my profile several times during the last weeks and his number is constantly decreasing as well. That’s a bit too much for a coincidence, I think. I also created a fake profile with which I stalk my main account 3-4 times every day. It’s number is constantly decreasing (and it only started showing up in my keesh list after I visited it with my main account, by the way…), without any change. My crush is still number one on the list, also I unfriended him over 3 weeks ago. I have not visited his profile since then, except for 2 or 3 times. His numbers at some few days increased slightly but I think that it’s simply because I viewed his profile. FB does not reveal any data about profile visitis of friends and other facebook users, as well as this keesh list does not reveal anything else than those profiles YOU have looked at. Mutual interactions, however, enhance these interactions.

  218. Just providing some info for everyone that trying to figure out sth.

    I change computer everyday to check the ranking, and I record the top 15 to observe the difference. And I notice one girl on my list, though she’s not one of the 15, but this helps me infer that a) it’s both sided b) but the people I stalk more will be scored more c) people stalking me though will be scored, but only a little.

    And this’ why:
    A girl likes every single status of mine, but I never visited her profile or click any picture of her. Since she likes too many status of mine, so I ignore the notifications without even click to check which status she’s liking. And her score on ranking is 0.046… that’s very low on my ranking.

    If this’ even both sided, then she should get higher score, at least -1.8 or sth like that, rather than 0.046.

    And those people in top 15, I found it’s a) influence by history (how much you chat, interact, stalking photos…etc) b) how many times you visit that person’s profile.

    There was a boy I stalked a lot. And I stopped it now, just to check ranking, I only view his status on my homepage, so I don’t need to click his profile, and we haven’t been chating on fb for at least 6 months. I can’t view his photos due to his setting.
    After a while, I checked his profile two days ago for once or twice, and his score rose to 3.28 to 3.23 on the next day. And so I stopped to check his profile, and his score drop to 3.20 today. And I wonder why will it drop for 0.8point (so many), so I made an experiment.

    I put all the numbers on excel, and add the numbers, it becomes 100 in total.
    So I assume if I interact with certain people a lot, it will influence others’ score. That’s why I just stop visit his profile for once and it made a big different because those I interact the most will take score away from those I don’t.

    1. How did you make that one up? The numbers do not add up to 100! Usually at the very top of your list you will see the people you have declared as relatives. They always occupy the top spots. Then you will see the people that you visit their pages numerous times. Sometimes you see people that you may think that you never interact with. But, let’s say that one the people who you do interact with was tagged in a picture shared by someone you don’t even know. Every time you look at that picture of your friend Facebook counts that as an interaction with the person you do no have any interactions otherwise. Thus, the list sometimes can be confusing. It is two sided but in a very subtle way. You have to analyze and observe the data for an extended period of time to see what is happening. I have done that, but even then you will never be sure.

  219. How I know it’s two sided is simple. I have an annoying cousin who is 11 who two years ago begged me to FB her.. I did ( big mistake) she commented on all my stuff stupidly and embarrassed me by asking my friends to be her friends and commenting on their stuff. Anyway last year I unfriended her and when she commented I blammed my mom and said she said I shouldn’t have anyone that young able to read my stuff it’s meant for older eyes. So anyway… this unfriended cousin whom I never I mean never look at is number 7 and stays in my top 10 always. I know she is still stalking me but just not able to comment. Why would she still be on the list at all if I haven’t gone to her FB in probably over a year? It’s def two sided ! BTW she was never listed as my family when she was a friend either but we do have the same last name.

  220. Now that I’m using Mac, numbers update daily, on a PC it took them much longer. Interestingly, my numbers add up to 15-something only, not 100, but thanks for the comment above anyway. I don’t think updates are based on 2 wks ago or something (at least on a Mac): I added a new person a couple of days ago, and she showed up today on the list already

  221. for me it only works with firefox. when using chrome gives me this error on the javascript console:

    Refused to load the script ‘http://thekeesh.com/js/edges2.js’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “script-src https://*.facebook.com http://*.facebook.com https://*.fbcdn.net http://*.fbcdn.net *.facebook.net *.google-analytics.com *.virtualearth.net *.google.com* *.spotilocal.com:* chrome-extension://lifbcibllhkdhoafpjfnlhfpfgnpldfl ‘unsafe-inline’ ‘unsafe-eval’ https://*.akamaihd.net http://*.akamaihd.net“.

    no idea what this means right?

    1. of course it’s working! i installed it today (followed all the instructions, disabled https…) and it works just fine. quite embarassing though as others have said already…

  222. The bookmark worked for me in firefox 17. Awesome.
    But still doubt about how friends are ordered.
    Glad to see if you discover similar results based on who stalk you on facebook.

  223. Guys I’ve said this once & I’m saying it again: It is as much two sided as it is one sided…….proof of this was that someone who I had added on my friend list one & a half year back was right at the bottom of my keesh list (he was the 6 last person on my keesh list) & he had been holding that position for almost a whole year. strange thing was yesterday when I was viewing my updated keesh list he was right at the top of my list in the first ten people!! How is that possible considering the fact that I have NEVER (not even once) opened/touched/viewed/stalked his profile/photos/wallposts/statuses?! We don’t even share any mutual likes……so again it makes no sense!

    The same thing goes for an old high school friend of mine. I had added her one & a half year back, she was always right at the bottom of my keesh list (somewhere in the last ten) & when I viewed my updated keesh list yesterday she was right at the top ten! Again I have NEVER (not even once) opened/touched/viewed/stalked her profile/photos/wallposts/statuses nor do we share any mutual likes……so again it makes no sense!

    1. It’s just that – It makes no sense. You should go ask them if they viewed your profile. Then I might believe it but only a little.

  224. Think this works both ways actually. One of my Ffriends on the top list, is my cousin. I haven´t been on his page over months. But if he has been on my page lately, his “ranking” goes up. A theory…

  225. Hey guys have anyone of yous realized that recently the results will come out without you even enabling secure https? I realized it one day when I forgot to turn off secure browsing. But the results for both are different I realised – anyone knows the reason why??? It only was the same once for me…

    Also, has anyone tried just typing the first alphabet of the person into the search bar and using it to sorta check who’s stalking you? I realized it correlates with the secure browsing left on stats. Not sure how accurate is this lol cuz it usually only correlates with my stats when I turn it off. Any ideas or opinions about this??

  226. The rankings have all changed again.
    Previously I could correlate it to who you interact with the most.
    I cant make sense of the list now.

  227. Did anyone notice all the names reshuffled? I noticed a completely new order and new numbers today. Could it be reset at the new year?

    1. Agree. Something has enormously changed. I think its people who look at your profile now – have blocked someone as a result….

  228. Hmm, did not work, please help! I turned off safe browsing, and dragged the updated link into chrome. While on facebook, I double clicked it and it loaded a bit…. and did nothing! I know it has to work, but it isn’t for some reason!

  229. Exactly, my numbers changed dramatically too. On the first line, I have “Help Center-10000000” and the next highest number is -0.057242315489076. I also cannot make sense out of this list now. In the top 10 (aside from Help Center) half of the people are those whose pages I have not visited at all for months, although we are tagged together in maybe 1 pic each. One of these 5 people – I don’t even know this guy, we have 1 friend in common but my profile is closed for public viewing. I have some more people in the list who are not my friends. With the first 5 people, I have had some interactions, but not much. People I interact with most (e.g. I visit their pages and comment/ like) are now in the middle of the list. Overall, the list is much shorter with many names missing.

    What confuses me is that one of the first 5 people is a guy I like a lot, because of whom I actually started this analysis and following this thread. We now live in different countries. I used to visit his profile a lot about a year ago and then every now and then, but I have not visited his page nor clicked on any of his links for over 2-3 months. Sadly, I suspect he does not visit my page, as he never liked or commented anything, plus he also did not respond to a couple of my emails (e.g holiday greetings). He used to be extremely high on my list, but when I stoped visiting his page, his ranking kept dropping systematically apart from a few random moves. Overall, the previous list corresponded really nicely with my activity, with just a few strange movements every now and then. I really have no clue how this list is built.

    1. Same for me with the help center, then my crush, (0.13) who I suspect does also have a crush, then family, then my newly discovered stalker. I like to think that its now more influenced by people who look at you – as I never look at no’s 3 and 4’s proflie.

      1. I believe this list is heavily influenced by who you have searched for in the recent past as spots 3-9 are random profiles of people i clicked on yesterday.
        Help center is no 1, and like others, a potential crush/stalker is no 2.
        numbers 10-22 are peoples is do associate with on a regular basis, and 23-29 are again search results of mine from yesterday.
        I really don’t know if any useful information can be gathered from the list in the order it seems to “rank” people.

          1. I have not used FB via laptop for 3-4 days, so now my Keesh list grew again, but the new ‘January’ top 10 I described above reshuffled a bit yet are roughly the same. Interestingly, I realized that first list could have been related to 3-4 months ago (as I remember looking up 2 names who are friends of my crush, 3-4 months ago but never since) but that list also included the name of a person I connected to only in December and could have no interaction with before. Now those 2 names have disappeared from the list, so perhaps it now dates back to some other period.

  230. Hello! It is the same with me. I even see some people where it could be possible that i clicked on that profiles a long while ago. Is it a reset? But the pics of the 8 friends and so is not different only that list. Help Center is the only positive and there is at least one zero behind the number separator

  231. It is interesting for sure… Definitely some people who I stalk come up. But there is one guy who I have no idea who the heck he is, we’re not friends and I can’t see any friends in common either.

    I suspect that this list is heavily influenced by people who’s names you have typed in at some point in the search box because there are people who I have put their emails to add as friends in the search box and they do not turn up. I may have typed in the previous persons name by accident long ago while looking for someone else or something like that.

  232. Update: the ranking seems to have changed drastically as of this morning again.
    My search results that were near the top have dropped.Very interesting to see who are in the top 6.

    Help center, potential stalker/crush, someone I have never associated with before, my ex’s current bf, my ex, then a friend of a girl who likes me.

    I dont view the profiles of these people. The people who I do associate with or who I do view are down the list a bit.

    This tends to make me think that as others have stated in the past fews days that this list more or less correlates who views you. not two way associations or who you view.

    Any others out there see similar results?

  233. Mine is the help desk, my sister, and then the rest I think are a bunch of randoms mixed in with people I have recently searched for. There are even a couple people completely missing that I have constant interaction with!!!

  234. Great tool! Have you tried to “decrypt” the number? As more than a contact have the same value, especially those seldom interacted, what the number means? I could guess a sort of code saying: friend/no friend, how many posts, how many profile lookup, how many messages/chat, etc…
    Have you those info?

  235. I can’t get it to work. Anyone have some pointers? http is off, bookmark is up, but when I go to fb and click, nothing happens. Also, the little graphic next to the bookmark is just a page with a folded corner, not the globe like the example shows.

  236. appearently somethings fucked up with the list since the beginning of this year.
    I’ve used excel to collect data from the list which I updated daily. on the 15th. January the list seems to have been either completely reseted or reordered everything in some other ranking system. Though i believe it’s the first of those options just mentioned, since all the values dropped from Topscore -4 to somewhere around plain Zero. except for Helpservice – which used to be 0 but is now on the top with a -10000000 score.
    Now week has passed since the reset and my list is still pretty fucked up. I do Understand why the top 5 could have been listed where they are. but there’s also real random stuff like a friend from some youtube celebrity – facebook profile . whos profile I’ve only visited to find out who the fuck is this person on my 15th position. It’s nearly impossible for that person to ever have stumbled upon my profile and I do not believe she is stalking me, as I’m not really sharing all too much on facebook to stalk on. I don’t even have a real profile photo – just a portrait illustration I’ve made for class once which you have to click on and look at for a while in order to actually recognize it is a portrait, because else you just see some indefineable blackwhite thingy.

    1. same here! the updated list makes no sense….helpcentre is right at the top with a ranking -1000…….something is wrong with the list

      1. Well I wish they would fix whatever the hell is wrong with it. It’s affecting everyone’s search results if you search with the search bar…

        1. Agreed! Relly annoying when you try to find you real friends in the search bar, and “random” people you searched for once like 3 months ago show up….

  237. I really hope they change the Keesh system to the old one, no it is more difficult to find the people you talk/stalk on fb because there are are a lot of “randoms” thrown in there etc. The new fb ranking is just a mess….

    1. I wonder what happened :-/ did Facebook discover this and thought to themselves that it would be safer for security reasons, if they messed screwed around with the list??? :-/

  238. Have you guys thought about one thing regarding the new keesh list? Our 25-30 friends rotating in the box are still the same friends as before they changed the keesh list. They are orderered the same way, usually when the keesh list updates the 6 friends box also updates. Also the chatlist is ranked by the old keesh list, hmmm makes me wonder if this really is the “offical” keesh list or is fb just messing with us so we won’t figure anything out….