Who Does Facebook Think You Are Searching For?

UPDATE March 28, 2013: Many people have commented here and emailed me that it no longer works for you. I have made an update to fix the bookmarklet for those with Facebook Graph Search. You can get the new bookmarklet here Updated Facebook Friends Ranking Bookmarklet to Work with Graph Search ========================================== UPDATE February 14, … Continue reading Who Does Facebook Think You Are Searching For?

Wow, Facebook Hackers

So I saw a post on my wall from a friend, but something just didn’t sound right. Again, it was a case of the Facebook spam that somehow tricked you into posting something you didn’t want to post to all of your friends. And many people made the mistake, and it spread fast. Mainly, it … Continue reading Wow, Facebook Hackers

Most Mutual Friends

I always thought it would be interesting to find out who I had the most mutual friends with on Facebook, but it would have been a lot of clicking to find that out. So here is a little tool that lists your friends according to most mutual friends. The results are actually quite surprising. Most … Continue reading Most Mutual Friends