Commercial Comedy

This is another one of those things on the internet that has gotten popular in the last year. It’s big brands trying to be funny like they are your friend. And it has become a really popular marketing strategy. It’s not being funny in a ‘let’s make funny commercials’ kind of way, although to me … Continue reading Commercial Comedy

YouTube Sloth

I forgot to post this when I made it a few weeks ago, but here is a parody of Feross‘ viral YouTube Instant site. Meet YouTube Sloth, which lets you experience YouTube like you are on a dialup connection

Social Norms on the Web

This is my final research paper about social norms on the web. It’s a good time. It’s kind of long, but here are the highlights: You need investment from the user, either through a genuine offline to online identity, or a strong tie to the community focus. We want the same things online that we … Continue reading Social Norms on the Web

Open Standards

This was inspired by this article from the New York Times sent to me by my dad, which led me to this post on the Google blog. This article talks about how Google and everyone else should embrace open standards on the internet. I completely agree with this philosophy (either because I think its a … Continue reading Open Standards