Updated Facebook Friends Ranking Bookmarklet to Work with Graph Search

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  1. Hi, just installed this on Safari 5.1.8 for Mac and Chrome 26.0.1410.43 for Mac. Neither browser works. Chrome does nothing, and Safari gives a “Safari cannot use Javascript for this action, because Safari doesn’t allow Javascript to be used this way error.” Maybe there’s a typo in your script somewhere? Thanks for your time in advance!

    1. Hi Robert–

      I tested it in Chrome, but I believe it only works if you have facebook graph search. They also have lots of different versions out to different users, so that may be why it is not working.

  2. Hi Jeremy

    I am using the script on my facebook profile which has graph search. I use it in Chrome. Clicked it several times, but nothing happens.

    Would it be possible for you to check why it is not working?


  3. Thanks for the update..I didn’t have any issues..it works perfectly in my Safari browser. I do question how it works though as far as ranking. I think it keeps track both ways regarding interactions. My son is at the top of the list..I’ve viewed his page and tagged him in photos. The second person on the list is a guy who I know for a fact has a crush on me..I know that he views my profile daily just to look at my pics. He’s told me that himself. I’ve rarely had any interactions with him and I don’t view or post on his page/timeline. I don’t even do a search for him in the Graph Search. When I first accepted his friend request he ranked somewhere towards the middle..now he’s second. My niece ranks third…same situation..I don’t go to her page/timeline and I hardly interact with her. Admittedly, I was looking at my ex’s page daily so he was in second place for awhile. I haven’t looked at him in weeks and he dropped down to 5th place. And he’s stayed there for awhile. So I get the feeling he’s checking me out on occasion. There are people who rank lower than them who I interact with almost daily. There are also people on my list who I do not know at all. Never looked at their pages/timelines.

    So in theory, I believe Facebook measures who page you view, your likes to comments, your photo tags and posts to someone’s timeline and in addition, it measures when someone does the same with your page/timeline as well.

  4. For me it’t not working, but I also haven’t got Facebook graph research. Will there be a version the script without the need of the graph research?

    1. My question precisely! Is it possible to make one where it will work without the graph search….coz for some of us we still haven’t got our graph searches and we have no idea when we will get it.

  5. Hi – I have graph search, but when I drag the link, I get a blank page that
    reads [Object object] Does this tell anyone anything? Thanks!

  6. Firefox. Have Graph Search. Not working. I’ll check back here periodically. For all you’ve done and do. TANX MAIN!

  7. It works! Chrome facebook graph search and setup, account setting-> Security Settings-> Secure Browsing-> enabled

    1. Guess what: It works for me as well! The graph search was recently installed into my browser and now I can open the keesh list…..but as you mentioned it only works on google chrome.

      And my second point is: I’m still of the belief that this list works on who is viewing you just as much as who you are viewing. Because there are still a lot of people who I interact with frequently on facebook (through chatting, ‘likes’, viewing their pages, being tagged in each other’s photos and what not) and yet they still rank lower than the people who I share minimal (to no) interaction with.

      I would love to hear everyone else’s opinion on this! πŸ˜€ (those for whom the list works that is)

  8. I think it does take account of other peoples behaviour looking at your facebook and here is why. Take searching for non friends. If you search for someone who you suspect has not ever gone to your page (but you know) the next day or so, they do not suddenly appear in the search bar when you type in the first letter of their name. Yet if you search for someone (again, not a friend) that you suspect has gone to your page, the next day or so they will come up very high when you type the first letter of their name into the search bar, and often stay there.

    Proof, no, that it is not only your behaviour that counts? Otherwise one visit to their page would generate the same ranking in each case. Jeremy what makes you think it is only your own facebook behaviour that determines ranking?

  9. I would agree with it taking into account other people’s activity on your account, as I just ran it on mine & 8 out of the top 13 (from a list of over 500) are affiliated with one guy I am friends with (he is #8), but I am only facebook friends with 1 other of the 8 (he is #3, and I have never once interacted with him). Definitely some stalker activity going on… There are even profiles listed that I have never even done any kind of a search on & never visited. I think I’ve just found out way more than I wanted to know (confirm).

    1. I’ve been saying this for a long time myself. Most of the people whom I do interact with a lot more should be higher than some of the people I barely or never interact. One example of this was that there is a guy on my list who I’ve not ever interacted with since the day I added him. No likes, comments, views, tags, etc. and yet he is higher than my close friends and other people on my list who I interact with. Explain that!

      & no, for the record, we don’t share any mutual like pages either. And even if that were the case, there are a lot more friends on my list who I share way more mutual ‘like’ pages with. How are they not higher than him if that is the case as some theorists suggest?

      1. Do you both interact with a common friend even though you aren’t friends yourselves? I think a lot of people are overlooking that. Facebook’s “people you may know” function is probably factored into the algorithm.

  10. I do have one question: why is my list taking so long to update since I uploaded it? Is anyone else experiencing the same issues?

  11. A couple of things, Keesh Bookmarklet lovers –
    Sarah – Mine has not uploaded for a while. With the old version, the list would change erratically.
    For people who can’t get the new one to work – remember Jeremy mentioned that there is more than one version of Graph Search. On one of my pages, I have a “People you may know” bar right below the profile pic and cover pic. The scroll fairly regularly, and the people seem to be, more or less the last people who accessed the page. In any case, Jeremy’s script works for this page, and not the other one, which also has Graph Search, but doesn’t not have the bar.

  12. I have done plenty of research regarding this, and would say it is 90 % onesided, meaning that it takes into account the people YOU view. BUT, I have noticed interesting things as well.

    I did an experiment, I stalked my fake fb account from my real fb account. I did NOT view my real fb account from my fake fb account. Guess what? All the people I have stalked with my fake fb account dropped, EXCEPT my real fb. That account moved up, not that much but it did.

    There are also people who drop much faster than others, some people stay high for a much longer period of time. Or when the keesh list updates, and everyone seem to move up a bit there a couple of people who move more than others.

    I had access to my mum’s fb and could stalk my own fb profile with it, and she did sometimes move up the list when others fell. When that happened I would also see her face, in the 6 friends fb (old fb layout). But when the keesh list went back to normal next day, she went to her “normal position” and disappeared from the 6 friend box. So my point is, that fb does show who stalks you but it does not happen that often. For the most part the keesh list is pretty onesided or random. Meaning, that some people go down, and others move up but there are people there that could NEVER have visited my page. This was also the old keesh list, which made more sense.

    But I must sat it was pretty rare that I would see my mum high in the keesh list, and it took a look of stalking.

  13. Why is my Keesh list not updating at all? Does anyone have any idea how enable it to update. It’s been more than a month and it’s just not updating at all!

  14. I’ve finally got this working again, in Chrome. I am basing this on ‘non friends’ who appear on my list. Some are people I have looked for i.e old school friends. There are names on my list that I don’t know, but appear to be friends of friends.
    ‘Non friends’ who I have searched for appear quite high on the list. The names I don’t know who still appear high, I presume we may have commented on the same thing our mutual friend has .. for example.
    My old boyfriend is also on the list about half way down. He isn’t a friend, and I’ve had no Facebook communication with him. We have 1 mutual friend who does not use facebook to communicate with him at all. There are friends below him on my list who I have regular facebook contact. There is no reason for him to be there. There are also random names of non friends who appear to have no contacts in common with me. So I think it may take into account who views you too,

  15. It only worked for me with Chrome+Graph installed (searched for the app on FB and installed it).

  16. Thanks for creating and updating this bookmarklet, it’s fascinating. πŸ™‚

    Does anyone know how often Facebook refreshes/updates the first_degree.php file? (for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, first_degree.php is where this ranking information is sourced from. It’s explained in much greater detail in the original article).

    The reason I ask this is because I’m curious to know if it’s necessary for me to refresh the Keesh bookmarklet to ensure I am getting the most up-to-date rankings. Or if the results are entirely dependent on whenever Facebook feels like updating the rankings.

  17. It updates about once a day, sometimes 2 times a day and sometimes not at all. But for the most parts it updates once a day.:)

  18. How come mine hasn’t updated in like 2 weeks? Anyone else have this problem… when i irst got graph search it seemed to update once every two or three days it seemed, then suddenly it stopped and it always says the same thing..

  19. Mine hasn’t updated since I installed Chrome and graph. I don’t think its accurate anymore but does mirror facebook e.g if you put the first initial in FB search bar, it orders names in the same order on this list

  20. I have noticed something interesting… if this is based on interactions from my side, there is a couple things I’m wondering. For the sake of simplicity, I’m categorizing 4 types of people that I usually ‘interact’ on daily basis.

    A. Close friends, is put on ‘close friend’ status, I liked/commented/private message them on almost daily basis from newsfeed. They don’t check my facebook/timeline but I check theirs at least once everyday/two days, aside from the newsfeed.

    B. Regulars usually they are the ones who kept liking/commenting/whatever on my timeline, have some PMs and I usually respond, but I don’t check their timeline/facebook.

    C. People who I dont have much interactions with but tagged in same photos.

    D. People I stalk, minimal interaction aside from some mutual likes, but I open their FB at least a couple times a day.

    Now, from the list, it’s strange but here’s what I see on the first 10 :

    1. B
    2. B
    3. B
    4. C
    5. D
    6. B
    7. C
    8. B
    9. C
    10. A

    my other close friends are ranked 21 and 33 respectively.

    I also noticed it shows three of people I didn’t add as friends but I viewed their profile a couple of times (and I’m positively sure they don’t check my facebook at all as they don’t know me) inside the first 40 list.

    At first I thought these only really counts YOUR views to their timeline, but it doesn’t seem to be that way since I have plenty of people I dont check showing up in my first 10… my theory is, it counts your ‘activity’ when you look through their timeline throughout the years- even if you only did it once.

    And definitely photo tags together count, or anything that mentions you and them together a lot, even if you don’t necessarily interact with each other.

    Still, the list was very random, I have to say!

  21. I need to check my list of friends on a ranking, can someone explain how to do it thoroughly, not understand. I’m not a geek

  22. What I found out is that people who I interact with very often/view their profile often/on a daily basis, message often and therefore are considered to be my close friends (people who used to show up often in the former “10box”), NEVER appear in the 9box when I view it with a fake account. I made the same observation with friends’ profiles. Unfortunately, I can’t compare this with the keesh list as the code doesn’t work for me.

  23. Facebook Graph just rolled out for everyone and now the bookmarklet doesn’t seem to work. Will there be an update?

  24. i think that if one of us will open a new facebook account and add lets say 3 or 5 people that al of their activity will be known to each other we can learn more on how this list from

  25. I have used both versions of this bookmarklet. This new one hasn’t updated since I downloaded it. The old version showed an ex-boyfriend at No 1 who isn’t a friend anymore and hadn’t had any contact with for over a year when we had one day of messaging on Facebook. There are people on the original list who I have more interaction with and are still friends. We only have 1 mutual friend who has no facebook interaction with him. So I thought this would mean he was checking my facebook.
    The newer version does not show him, although he still appears on the Facebook search bar.
    Out of the top 10 on the Keesh list, 8 are friends and 2 are people I have searched for. Out of the 8 I have only checked out the Facebook of number 1 and had comments of statuses etc of Nos 2,4,5,7, but not in the order they show on the list. e.g I have only liked coments of No2 but not in the last 6 months. I have had more interaction with No 5 in the last 6 months.
    Nos 11,13,39 are non friends but are friends of friends. There are people way down on the list who I have far more interactions with i.e comments on statuses, tagged on photos, messages etc.
    So I am more confused now….

  26. I’ve been doing some testing recently and have found some interesting things as noted by others. I tried to find a girl that I work with on facebook but she has a very common name and I was unable to find her at all. I ended up sending her a email about some work which the first time we interacted, I got curious if she had facebook stalked me, as she didn’t know my name (it’s the natural thing to do lol). When I typed her name in this time she was at the top of the list. So it definitely is affected by other people’s interactions with your profile. Also I decided to monitor her rankings and my interaction with her profile to see what was happening. In total I have viewed her profile 6 times in total, and she is number 3 on my ranking list. I looked at a friends page daily, sometimes multiple times to compare how they would rank as both are not my friends on FB, though I have some mutual friends with my friend naturally. She’s still number 3 and hes 10. So their is definitely some contribution to index rankings from other interactions.

    1. I completely agree! The search bar acts just like the keesh list in that it shows not just people you have searched for but people who search for you.

      How do I know this? Because I recently went to a a college reunion & met one of my batch mates who happened to be in all my classes in college. We were talking and catching up about everything that had happened since we last saw each other, one year back in college.

      That night, when I came back home I noticed that he had all of a sudden appeared on my search list when I typed his first name initial and last name initial. Which I thought was strange because he didn’t appear there before when I would type the initials.

      1. Yeah, but facebook probably knows you were HS classmates, and it probably knew that it was reunion year. Or even reunion day, if someone posted it as an event on facebook. They probably have something in the algorithm that predicts old classmates will be searching for each other around reunion time.

  27. Wow, this is pretty awesome. I don’t get 1 thing though. The top 3 of my list are the three people who I interact with regularly. We talk, tag each other and like each others statuses/pictures/comments etc. That’s fine and was expected.
    Number 4 however is someone who I haven’t spoken to since March and I hardly ever check their profile. We hardly ever interact with each other. I can only remember us liking the same comment. Why are they ranked so high in comparison to my other friends?
    (I’m not even friends with this person and they’re ranked 8. I remember checking their profile like 5 times and that was ages ago…)
    Those 2 really stick out…

  28. Guys I am absolutely certain this time that the list shows who stalks you just as much as it shows who you stalk. How do I know this? Because every time I post something on my wall, the rank of a guy (lets call him Mr.X) on my list increases, and goes back down again after a couple of days when I don’t post anything on my wall. I usually post a status on my wall every 5-6 days or so. On the day when I post something, his rank increases and goes back down again in the next couple of days until I post something again!

    This is a guy who I chatted with only 6 months back but never stalk, ‘like’ or touch his page, wall, statuses or photos (it’s been more than one year since I stopped stalking his page).

  29. First name on the list is my ex, I’ve been “stalking” him a lot (mainly looking at his pictures with nostalgia…). Second name on the list is a guy I’ve never met, we have mutual friends and he added me recently. I was curious so I looked at his pictures when he added me, but that’s it. Third name is my sister, we regularly write to each other.

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed (I haven’t read all the comments), but my own name appears on the list… twice. First time way down the list, like last quarter, and second time as the last name on the list. This comes from my actions, i.e. when I look at my page (I guess). If the rankings were based only on my actions, then my name should appear way higher on the list because I visit my own page regularly wether it’s to look at my pictures or to write a status. So… best way to know for sure is to stop all activity on facebook for a few weeks (hehe… not easy) and then see if the list has changed or not. And as for why my own name appears twice, I have no idea.

    1. That is the second reason why I am adamant about the fact that this is definitely a two-way street. My name frequently appears in my own list! but coincidentally, it appears right at the bottom. Considering the fact that i visit my own page more than any others, you would think that my name would appear at the top!

  30. Has the keesh list stopped working guys? It seems to have stopped updating inspite of clearing the cookies :-/

    1. yeah I am having the same problem as well. in fact mine list never updated ever since the day I started to use it (like a couple weeks ago). hope someone answers us

      1. yes i think the bookmarklet has remained stagnant :/ i just remembered about this and started using it last week, and the stats have been the EXACT same all these while. is it stuck or smth?

        1. You need to clean your temporary files on your browser each time you want to see the changes in the list (it works for me). You can use Ccleaner or something like this.

  31. Bookmarklet works in Chrome, but I think all you people who believe it’s showing your stalkers are the victims of wishful thinking. Mine is pretty clearly a list of the people I interact with the most/pages I’ve searched recently. Facebook is never gonna let a stalker list get out, period.

  32. Nice! It also works under HTTPS by the way.
    I can’t quite understand the patter. For me it looks like on top we have the latest interactions (real interactions, like messaging), followed by a mix of page views (both ways) and then a chronological order (also ranked in a mix searches, comments, messaging, page views, etc). But definitely I see a two-way thing in here.

  33. So I have a couple of questions I would like answered. First, it seems as if my Safari browser has a different result than my Chrome browser at work. Does this make any sense?

    Second, there is definitely a stalker relationship going on here and I have an example. I was talking to this girl who worked at a restaurant who had no idea who I was, or so I thought. I ended up flirting with her and talking about her fake id, so I showed her my ID etc. and over the next few days I see a strange name at the top of the keesh list. The next day she added me on fbook. Basically it works.

    1. I don’t want to say ‘I told you so!’ because I’ve already implied that in my previous posts to many other people arguing that it doesn’t show our stalkers. But I do think the biggest clue that it definitely shows your stalkers just as much as it shows who you stalk is the fact that you might find your own name on the list. I’ve been seeing my name on the list, but it’s for some strange reason, right at the bottom of the list. Which is strange because I look at my own profile more than I look at profiles of others.

      The second clue was that every time I post any status on my wall, the ranking of a guy on my list (who happens to be my ex-classmate) increases. It again drops down for the next one week until I post my next status (I post my statuses every once in a week). That is strange again because I don’t touch or click his profile (it’s been more than a year since I fb-stalked him). Now I know a lot of people might say that may be because we share a lot of things in common (in terms of “likes”) such as mutual friends and the like. But then again I share a lot of mutual like-pages and mutual friends with other people on my list as well (who I do have frequent fb interaction with, such as ‘likes’ on statuses, photos, etc) and yet they don’t show the same pattern as he does. So there is definitely a stalker-pattern here (from his end).

      So yeah, I agree with you πŸ˜€

  34. The numbers at the top of the list are smaller and increase on the way down, and my numbers start with 0.3_ _ _ _ and work up to 0.4_ _ _ _ until they get to a point where a whole bunch of people at the bottom have all the same numbers, is this how it should be? What does it mean and does 0.3 or 0.4, or for that matter whether 0.2 or 0.5 mean anything other than an ascending or descending total of points rather than a category that means something? πŸ™‚

  35. In the last 2 or 3 days, the list jumped back to the same list and order and exact same points from more than a week ago, including bringing back the same people that had already left the list. Is this normal? Does the list cycle through a few patterns? If so, we will never know if the results are new or just a rehashed pattern from a past list, which keeps repeating itself. I noticed points also repeat themselves regularly. How do we know then if what we are seeing is new and accurately updated from the previous results? And the same list hasn’t changed in the last 3 days. Help!

  36. Hi Jeremy, I have graph search but when i click on the link (using Safari) I get “Safari can’t use javascript for this action”
    What am I doing wrong?

  37. hey guys! is there something wrong with the list? i’ve been clearing my cache for the past week and the results are almost nearly the same. even the position of the name when you key in the first alphabet into the search bar as well!

    1. There is no problem for me, the list change each time I clear my cache (only few people change, not everybody). Maybe no one interact with you. πŸ˜€

  38. Hey guys, another way to manipulate the list is to clear your search history on facebook. (warning, not reversible)

    Go to activity log, then go to the side bar, click on ‘MORE’ and go to the search option down under (magnifying glass icon). You have an option to clear your history of searches.

    I did this, and my list changed dramatically in a couple days- people i used to search a lot dropped down to middle and etc. It gives interesting results, and i think now the first 10 shows mostly people who had interacted with me in the past month or so, either you chatted with them or they chatted with you.

    unsure about profile views though πŸ™‚ but search history definitely influence the results.

    So i think this list shows people

  39. just to be sure, does this show your activity or other people’s activity? i.e. the people who i have searched for and clicked on or people who have searched for me and checked my profile?


  40. Strange behavoiur noticed here. If you block someone who was a friend of yours and with whom you chatted, he/she is not included in the list. If you remove the block, he/she is included back again even if you don’t have any new interaction with him/her! Also, probably depending on how often the interaction was, it is ranked almost at the top, as it was happened recently. So I guess it anyway traced anything, even if you remove a friendship or even block someone….

  41. I have two fb that I tested your javascript on and one friend and I also tested it. Here are the results.
    test 1) I was ranking #13 on my friends list so for 48hrs he did not look at all at my profile, but I looked at his every half hour for the next 48hrs plus liking any of his pics etc. Result I was #1 ranking on his list after 48hrs!
    test 2) I have two FB so on one #3 ranking is not an fb friend of mine not at all but I know who he is so again for more than 48hrs I did not go look at his profile at all, but from my other FB account I did often more than I should just to see what would result. Well the results are shocking on my FB he still ranks #3 and on my other FB he does not show up at all even with all the ridiculous amount of time I could have spent on it!
    so conclusion it is maybe a combination of both watching each others profiles, but in my case it was all about who is watching my and I am not surprised the the first 5 ranking people that are listed I knew just by some clues left by FB they were always looking at my FB, but the # 3 who is not my friend well I kinda of knew it.

    so thanks for your javascript it made it easier for me to see who and what than seeing the clues I was seeing from FB cause we always leave traces on internet!

    1. diana, great test. with test 1 you went to the top because of the public interactions of liking his pics. you should do another test without any public interactions e.g. no likes, no comments, no messages/chats; just purely views and see if you get any results of rising in the ranks πŸ™‚

  42. Bookmarklet doesn’t work on Firefox because it seems to be truncating bookmark locations to 65536 characters. This script has 95472.

  43. I am pretty convinced the list shows one sided interactions as well (people who check your profile whom you have never checked). My GF recently joined FB and work colleagues of hers added her as friends. These people showed up on my list even though I have never heard of them or checked their profile. Mind you these people were near the bottom of my list but still…

  44. This is pretty nifty thx! Does the bookmarklet take into account when you search for someone from the FB mobile app? I’m not sure if FB compiles that data separately or if they are the same. I’ve done some experiments on my own and it appears to only compiles data from laptop access. When I conduct stalker like searches from my iphone, they don’t show up on the listing. Have you tried this?

  45. I’ve used this since July. Updates daily, sometimes multiple times. It hasn’t updated in 5 days even with clearing search and resetting the browser. Is it working for others?

    1. It’s still working for me. It usually updates every couple of days. I always clear the history and reset browser settings in chrome.

  46. Well thats all folks….list now outputs only your friends and every one has the exact same ranking….was fun while it lasted….

    1. Yes Keesh, not sure what broke it but potentially a Java update or FB blocking Javascript perhaps? You don’t realize how much you like this little gem, until it’s rudely taken away lol. Please help us Keesh FB junkies!

  47. I’ve injected the code using firebug in Mozilla FireFox and the following error was returned:

    TypeError: friends.payload is null

    My javascript comprehension is a little rusty but doesn’t this error mean that the thing (friends.payload) is known to exist, but it’s not known what the value is. Any feedback from others would be great !

    Nice job Keesh !!!!

  48. Hi could you please update the bookmarklet so that we could all use it once again? Much appreciated πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        1. they do if you delete your saved internet info. Not sure which parts you need to delete, since I deleted everything.

  49. I think it works both ways as other ppl have mentioned.

    I had a name show up that was unfamiliar to me at slot number #8, so after seeing her name in the ranking bookmark list, i searched for her, saw her pic and recognized who she was. She turned out to be the GF of a guy who was talking to me too much at a kids bday party a few days ago; jealous gf. So it def shows who checks you out bc i never knew her name, etc.

    #1 for me shows the person who I private message all day long, every day, for like years now. We never like/comment each others things etc.

    #2 a recently added guy I like, who im really hoping this means hes checking on my page.. I havent checked his since I added him about a month ago

    #3, #4, #5 my best friend, brother, mom. etc. Its very accurate imo.

    Thanks! fun tool. even tho this kinda thing may just mean I am hesitant to look at the pics of the guy i wanna check out bc i dont want him to see me doing it , lol

  50. please can you update the bookmarklet? you have spawned a nice little community here and much interesting reading…

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