What is the probability you get this question right, given you know Bayes’ rule?

So to rephrases the question: P(question right | you know Bayes’ rule) = … by Bayes’ Rule P ( you know Bayes’ rule | question right ) P ( question right ) / P ( you know Bayes’ rule) That’s kind of confusing. What struck me was how interesting it is how our intuitions about … Continue reading What is the probability you get this question right, given you know Bayes’ rule?

Technology Literacy

I recently watched a very interesting video that Google made about what people think a browser is. The general sense you get from the video is that people generally have no idea. See the video here: (Don’t worry its short enough to watch) I also read a really interesting post by my friend Feross (read … Continue reading Technology Literacy

What’s Next For the Web?

This is I think a very interesting question. With the emergence of countless startups and big changes from majors players — Google Wave, Facebook Connect — an important questions seems to be how these new technologies will impact web use. I read an interesting article ( here ) about how Facebook should “adopt” Google Wave. … Continue reading What’s Next For the Web?

“Facebook Labs”

Facebook has just opened up a new section of the site called Facebook Prototypes, which is kind of like Google Labs for Facebook. I read about this on Mashable here. Then I went to test it out, and it almost lived up to its name as “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” I’d probably still … Continue reading “Facebook Labs”

WordPress mobile

I am writing this current post from my couch on my phone using the open source wordpress app for iPhone. Here’s my review of the app: sweet. It’s very easy to use, and it has a great and simple interface. You can manage multiple blogs in a very intuitive and classicaly simple wordpress setup. If … Continue reading WordPress mobile