A review and explanation of the iPad (written from my iPad)

3 thoughts on “A review and explanation of the iPad (written from my iPad)”

  1. great review. love the analogy comparison to the desktop/laptop, and I have a better understanding of what the ipad is now. makes me want to get one. Sounds like it might make my kindle obsolete pretty quickly (or maybe it already is).

  2. ya i agree with dad. You really clearly explained everything. Is it really starting a new category of technology? Are other companies making similar things? Sounds really cool

  3. see also, the Charlie Rose interview with the CEO of a German media company, who says the ipad just saved the journalism industry, so easy to use, he said, that his grandma could use it. He agreed with your assessment that its shortcomings are not shortcomings at all, that its designed for people to be consumers of information in an amazing new (and larger than the iphone) cool, platform.

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