Notes from Bali

Notes from Bali I spent some time in Bali in Indonesia, which was pretty nice. Spent a lot of the time on the beach, just chilling out and reading. I stayed on the beaches, but spent one of the days exploring in Ubud. In Ubud, I did some yoga, went to a monkey forest, and went … Continue reading Notes from Bali

Notes from Singapore

Notes from Singapore I wasn’t in Singapore for too long, but I was excited to visit. I arrived in Singapore after visiting India, which was quite a juxtaposition. In India, everything was dirty and it seemed there were no rules. In Singapore, everything was clean, and there were many rules. The first sign I saw … Continue reading Notes from Singapore

Notes from India

Notes from India I wasn’t in India for long enough apparently, since every Indian I talked to explained that you need ‘at least a month’ to see India. So I don’t know too much. But I got a taste. Wrote some notes on the roads and honking in India, but there are more notes. India: Please … Continue reading Notes from India