Write Everything Down

Here is the best way to start being more creative and complete with the work that you do: Write Everything Down. Whether you are managing follow-ups after an important meeting, catching that last crazy idea you had before you fall asleep, or coming up with a new insight that will help you close the deal, … Continue reading Write Everything Down

What I Read in 2014

At the start of 2014 I made a New Year’s Resolution. I never could seem to keep my New Year’s Resolutions, probably for a host of reasons: too many, too complicated, forgot to do them, wrong ones—but this year I was going to complete them. So I made one New Year’s Resolution. Read a book … Continue reading What I Read in 2014

What is Burning Man?

There have been many people who have previously attempted to answer this question. It’s been a very common question I’ve gotten in one form or another since going to Burning Man. It is also a surprisingly good question because Burning Man is a very hard event to describe. Many of the people who have previously … Continue reading What is Burning Man?

Everything is Easy After Standup Comedy

  Or how to improve your public speaking.   Standup comedy is the hardest type of public speaking. I’ve given speeches, I’ve taught small sections, presented to small groups, done formal and informal presentations, lectured hundreds of people, given presentations to schools, teachers, administrators, done product pitches to large and small groups of investors, done … Continue reading Everything is Easy After Standup Comedy