Day 54: Chicago, IL

Today was maybe the most tiring day of the trip, but a really good day. I had a workshop at Elk Grove High School. I met with some people at the school, then ran a workshop with some computer science students, and then did back to back presentations speaking to an auditorium of students at … Continue reading Day 54: Chicago, IL

Day 53: Chicago, IL

Today I ran a workshop at Mather High School in Chicago. Also checked out the Bean at Millenium park to hit up the landmarks. Deerfield High School graduation was also today, so I got to see my little brother graduate and we had a post-graduation dinner afterwards.

Day 52: Chicago, IL

I sent a lot of emails today, but also did a bunch of other stuff. I saw a few friends in Deerfield and also up in the city. My sister just got back in town from Spain. It was a busy day with the family, and also with CodeHS. There are a number of workshops … Continue reading Day 52: Chicago, IL

Day 50: Rochester, NY –> Toledo, OH

We started in Rochester, NY and drove to Niagara Falls. Then we drove towards Cleveland and took a brief stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We then headed to Oberlin to meet up with my cousin. We had dinner there, and then continued to Toledo, Ohio. Two McDonalds stops in one day.

Day 48: Guildhall, VT

We started off today by running a workshop at St. Johnsbury Academy in the area. I ran the workshop with an AP Computer Science class, and it went really well. We did a few more Vermont things, including walking around by the Connecticut River, seeing the barn, the chickens, and feeding the donkeys. We visited … Continue reading Day 48: Guildhall, VT

Day 45: Boston, MA

Big day in Boston. Got an early start, and drove to Marshfield High School for a workshop. The workshop went really well, and this group of students had gotten really far with CodeHS. I then drove to the airport to pick up my mom, who is joining me for a few days on the trip. … Continue reading Day 45: Boston, MA