Most Mutual Friends

I always thought it would be interesting to find out who I had the most mutual friends with on Facebook, but it would have been a lot of clicking to find that out. So here is a little tool that lists your friends according to most mutual friends. The results are actually quite surprising. Most … Continue reading Most Mutual Friends

Social Norms on the Web

This is my final research paper about social norms on the web. It’s a good time. It’s kind of long, but here are the highlights: You need investment from the user, either through a genuine offline to online identity, or a strong tie to the community focus. We want the same things online that we … Continue reading Social Norms on the Web

Predicting Gender of Facebook Statuses

I just did a research project for my CS224N class where we tried to predict the gender of different Facebook statuses. We also made a fun tool that will generate typical male and female Facebook statuses. Check out our research here.

Double Stitch

Check out the 5-person juggling pattern I made up. It is a variation on a feed weave with five people and two feeders, with the feeders passing in a two count and the feedees passing four out of six passes.

Small But Growing List of Words Computer Science (and probably Math people) Use Too Much

non-trivial This is used to describe something that most people would just call “hard.” However cs people need to make sure to tell you that it’s actually “not extremely easy.” You will probably find a cs person using non-trivial where it should not be used. For example, “Doing the laundry is completely non-trivial.” well-defined ambiguous … Continue reading Small But Growing List of Words Computer Science (and probably Math people) Use Too Much